Would anyone else like a new stylish icon?

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Stylish is an extension I absolutely love and it massively improves many of the websites I commonly use, making them more stylish. In fact I think the only thing that isn't stylish about Stylish is the icon that I see in the Chrome extensions bar so I though I would write this post in the hope that it would eventually be changed.
I quickly made an icon (or image really) which I thought would look better but really I want to see what other people would like so please reply with your icon concepts :)


  • something reminiscent..

  • suzuki logo:

    100 x 100 - 2K
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    I think the only thing that isn't stylish about Stylish is the icon

    All visual content of Stylish-chrome isn't stylish: the popup, the manage page, the edit page, that's why I'm using custom styles for the extension itself. Initially the icon seemed ugly to me too but then it grew on me and now seems quite okay, even meaningful unlike the lonely S you propose.

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    I think the suzuki logo is much more prettier. It causes a lot of associations -
    samurai's katana, bleeding, mysterious hieroglyph... Superman is resting.

  • Sorry I haven't replied until now. Personally I think the Superman logo is better. I think the Suzuki logo looks a bit old but maybe with a bit of photoshopping?
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