Problem adding a second namespace (SVG) with Google Chrome

I just noticed that my Tumblr theme creates two code sections in Google Chrome (v42.0.2311.135 m). The first one is just two lines, and it's applied to "Everything":

@namespace url(;
@namespace svg url(;

...and the second code section is the remaining CSS code, which is applied to the Tumblr URLs I'm styling.

I would prefer that it creates one code section instead of splitting it up. I don't know if I'm supposed to format my style another way, or if it's a bug in Stylish (v1.3.1) maybe. I have some other styles with just the regular XHTML namespace, and they correctly appear as a single code section, but when I add the SVG namespace it splits it up into two. Can I fix this somehow?


  • I've put in an update. If you have @namespaces and a single @-moz-document block, they will now be combined in the Chrome and user script versions.

  • Thanks. I re-installed the style and it's a single code section now.
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