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    Updated for Greasemonkey:
  • There's something wrong with the link/dropbox? can't download, gets stuck while downloading (A few seconds remaining' ... and nothing happens).
  • Got it, thank you!
    Have a great new year and best wishes to your family!
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    Yes, the family is over, plenty to eat, celebrate and to be thankful for. The best and happiest of holidays to you and yours.
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    Updated (request):
    Added an Font Size input box for adjusting font size in code area (applies to Standard and Orion).
  • Sonny,
    i hide icons in all menus but for some reason this doesn't work for the editor Rclick context menu. Do you know what i need to use to hide those icons? I know ChoGGi actually had an option for this, those menus are 'special', i remember that but can't find my old code to fix this.
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    Also (AMF), i wonder what's up with the addons update progress image, i don't see it and my code to apply an image doesn't work. Would it be possible for you to add an image there?

    What i mean is some image that will show while checking for updates (manually) and 'Updating add-ons' is on, this would indicate something is happening 'cause right now it's just looking dead and if you have many exts., it takes time and you don't really know what's going on. Having some animation there until 'No updates found' or 'View available updates' show up would help.

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  • i'm able to place an image there but it shows with 'No updates found' too:
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    Don't know why the Mozilla Dev's did not code for it, but try this:
    Used the default throbber image. To change, use this:
    #updates-spinner {
    list-style-image: url("chrome://global/skin/media/throbber.png") !important;

    For your Rclick context menu icons, try this:
    #sourceeditor-context menuitem {
    list-style-image: none !important;
  • This version broke my styles. Did you change something about buttons as well?
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    Only changed the Edit button for an image with no text.
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  • No, all buttons are broken, my style doesn't apply anymore and nothing i try is working. Plus, the alignment problem is back:

    I really need the previous version because this one is a mess, sorry.
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    And this from your file is the culprit, i applied it and it now works:
    #list-view .addon-control,
    #updates-container button .button-text
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    Here is yesterdays version:
    Possible to link me to your styles for this addon?
  • Yes, i have links above somewhere. Let me finish the other style (another profile) and i'll find them.
  • I can't fix it! The hover is still broken!

    Both before the last version, i didn't update them yet since i can't fix the buttons hover, it shows your button instead of mine.
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    This version:
  • What about it?
  • Here is how I see your links above with my last AMF update:
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    This is the version of AMF from 29 Dec:
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    Exactly. It's not how it suppose to be though. All buttons should (and used to) look like this:image

    What you see in white is the hover i can't fix.
    BTW, what size is that edit button? My image is squished.
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  • Plus, you can try going into your profile > extensions > > scripts and open file helper.js (a very short file) and change AGENT to USER in 3 places. Save and close.
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    Disregard my last post, updated and compensated for USER_SHEET and AGENT_SHEET. Just don't use AMF in the Dark Theme mode.
  • But then i will have to do this for every update... and what about those who use my styles?
    Too late. I'm trying to fix all this. The biggest issue is i can't get the buttons hover for whatever reason and alignment is wrong, you had it fixed before but it now broken again. If you're not sure what i'm talking about, look up somewhere where calico posted about it last and you posted a fixed version. it was all right until the last version.
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    Just don't use AMF in the Dark Theme mode.
  • Oh, phew! Thank you! It's all good again.
  • Needed to use AGENT_SHEET in Dark Theme mode to show my custom scrollbars in Stylish Editor and Custom Buttons Editor.
  • Sonny said:

    Don't know why the Mozilla Dev's did not code for it...

    The same reason they can't fix printing and a decent color palette for 13+years! I gave up on this kindergarten a long time ago.
    Thanks for the spinner though!

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    Once I gave the spinner an id (#updates-spinner"), only two entries needed:
    document.getElementById("updates-spinner").hidden = false; and document.getElementById("updates-spinner").hidden = true;
    No need to be a Rocket Scientist.

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    i ran into this a few times: when sorting styles by tag, tagless styles don't show at all. They should show in alphabetical order at the bottom, after all tags. Possible? TIA!
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