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  • Now, could you add the same button to the editor code box?
  • Already there, called "Go To Top" and "Go To End" buttons.
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    image ... And here i thought i was getting better! ....
    Thanks and sorry for the noise image
  • Here's a little glitch I'm noticing on slim list:


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    Yeah, i saw that too but didn't think it was the ext. so i corrected it in my style. Sorry, don't remember what it was but i think it had to do with the row height, Sony has it set with !important .... i think. So, if you use style that sets height, you'll get double icons on selected row. Something like that, i really don't remember but i think control buttons look like its own column and not a part of row (horizontally) ....

    EDIT: i think i had to do all this to make it look good in my style:

    #addons-page .addon[selected="true"] .date-updated
    { margin-top: -12px !important;
    margin-bottom: 12px !important; }

    .addon.addon-view .control-container
    { margin-top: -40px !important; }

    #addons-page .addon[selected="true"] .control-container
    { margin-top: -20px !important; }
  • Thank you for ^. I kind of like the look of the dark theme so atm I'm just planning to mod the colors in the extension and not use a style sheet.

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    Yeah, updates available is screwed. I'm fixing it right now but i still think it all has to do with a set row height. If a style tries to change it (the default is way too bulky!), you'll run into problems.
  • Interestingly enough, I have updates set to manual and the update available showed up anyways. (Sound familiar?)
    I encountered something similar with the overlapping updates notice on an older version, Sonny adjusted it as always!

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    I fixed my styles, thanks for posting. But i'm afraid Sonny will fix his ext. and i'll have to do it all over again. I had to do this:

    { margin-top: 10px !important; }

    { margin-right: 200px !important; }

    #addons-page .addon[selected="true"] .date-updated
    { margin-bottom: 12px !important; }


    @manual update check .... yeah, what can i say?! If Jason doesn't see, it doesn't exist! I ended up deleting that style - some solution, isn't it?! image
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    Every time I make changes, I keep forgetting about those items.
    Added an attribute [updating] to the richlistitem when updates are available. Easier than screwing with css selectors/values.
  • Thank you! Didn't even break my style, just a couple pixels correction image
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    Well, we're always here to remind you :)

    I updated one of my deleted (on USo, enabled on AOM) styles but clicking on Check for Updates isn't showing it. Only an update for CTR. Working for you guys?

    Edit: it looks like it's updating automatically, even though I've clicked for manual updates.

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    Are you talking about exts. updates or styles updates? I don't update styles but exts. updates shows fine for me (i downgraded TMP, checked for updates and it showed an updated version available). It takes very long time to run the check, probably 'cause of the amount of exts. i have in this profile (40+ ~300 styles that need to be checked) but it does show as expected.
  • It looks like it is only styles updates as the CTR update is there. Clicking on "Reset all Add-ons to update manually" is bringing up an unresponsive script warning.

  • Try restarting Fx.
    I think styles update is broken but Jason doesn't seem to give a damn. I have mine set to
    extensions.stylish.updatesEnabled = false but since i don't update from us.o, i have no idea if it works or not (i update my styles on us.o from the editor, so there's no updates for my styles and i don't use any styles but mine). However, if you remember i had an issue with one style in another profile. I would update that style on us.o from one profile, check for updates in another profile and it will show as available every single time. I have the same set up for updates in all profiles. When i posted about this for Jason he said ... it works for him. Good for him! Anyway, you might be experiencing the same issue. I'd post for him to see. Maybe if more people post about this, he'll take some time to investigate, finally.
    I ended up deleting the style and use another one there now 'cause it was just that annoying.
  • I think you may be right. I've disabled both of these ext and the problem is still there. I'm going to reinstall Stylish, see if that helps.

  • Sonny said:

    I see. Before I make any changes, try going into your about:config and manually modify string pref extensions.stylishmod.externalEditor value using the forward slash "/" and see if it then works.

    Changing to forward quotes made the button on Stylish Editor show a more normal looking path: "Applications/Sublime Text", but it didn't open the editor.

    Also tried with the default text editor, TextEdit.
    Also tried without the last slash in the externalEditor value, ex: "Apps/Sublime" vs "Apps/Sublime".

    Is there anything else I could try?
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    i wonder, do you have Updates checked in the editor:

    Maybe there's some sort of conflict between that option in SEM and Fx about:config setting. All mine are UNchecked.

    It seems that somehow it now ... works? for me (not sure completely yet):
    i created a new style from a locally saved css. I know this one hasn't been updated with the version i have published. I checked for updates and AM said no updates available. However, on that style page i see the Update with Stylish button, which means it needs an update.
    That's actually how it suppose to work (for my set up anyway - no updates for styles!) but i wonder about that checkbox. This just might be the reason for inconsistency.
    Or i can't think of anything else and give up!
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  • hauschild,
    are you linking to an .exe file or just editor folder? (i don't know a thing about Mac and its file system though).
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    IDK how styles check for updates, but I encounter same issues (once in a great while, one will update). The extensions update by comparing version numbers and updates correctly. So it would seem to me, that if styles had version numbers to compare, it may work properly.
  • With a few re-installs, I have my main profile showing updates as it should, thanks makondo for the suggestions. Thanks Sonny for...well...everything...always!

  • Good to hear! I have no idea how this stuff works and why it doesn't in any and all of my new profiles - ever! - but eventually, after considerable fiddling, it works. Really, we shouldn't have to go through this. Something somewhere isn't right and 'somebody' needs to look into it - there's an obvious glitch somewhere. I remember a post or 2 from others on the same subject.
    Anyway, glad it works for you now. I'm not touching this stuff anymore (well, til the next new profile, i guess).

    i suppose the link in your TMP thread points to the latest version since it's dropbox, right?
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    For the styles updating, it sure would be a whole lot less painful if there were version numbers to compare, like the extensions do, rather than comparing lengthy code.
  • makondo said:

    are you linking to an .exe file or just editor folder? (i don't know a thing about Mac and its file system though).

    The ".exe" of the Mac is a ".app". I'm linking the .app. :/
  • Sonny,
    does checking for updates work for you? I just checked (manually) and it came up with this (notice, no addon shows but says an update is available):

    I don't have updates ion my main profile and have no time right now to downgrade/check, so i don't know if it's Fx35b6 (which worked before) or Fx glitch or ... whatever else.
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    No, checking for style updates doesn't work here and do get notices like above, plus the Install Updates button doesn't work either, from in your pic. I would have to go us.o site to update. I believe it would work if Jason added version numbers to the styles like the extensions have (that is what triggers the update notice).
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    Well, i don't know what update is available to begin with! I don't know if it's a style or an ext. since nothing shows but Install Updates button! That's the problem.

    EDIT: it turns out it was TMP - i restarted the profile and it did show. This 35betas are such a pain! Crash happy and a mess all around!
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    Added an Edit button to Custom Buttons category in Addon Manager and/or click on icon to bring up the button in edit mode.
  • Oh, great, thank you! Maybe add GM scripts? - click the icon to edit (not that i do - edit - but for consistency)
  • Yeah, just now finishing up on the coding. Will pot in about 20min. Will include clicking the icon for edit window, as well
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