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  • No, it's not working for me at all and i don't really understand what's happening with all those clicks. Something shifts somewhere but i can't tell what. But groups definitely do not collapse. They're always visible no matter any clicks.
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    Let me re-check the coding. I assume the first click opens the Group, correct ?
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    Try this:
  • If you are speaking of the Test.xpi, does the Groups show/hide on click ?
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    Hey Sonny, not sure if it is just me, for your AMF the animation transition for fully expanding the icon when selecting Categories(extension/script/style) seem sluggish/not very smooth.

    As for your explanation regarding the id, I guess having id sorting is better then nothing then :)
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    Is that with the Test.xpi or the default.xpi
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    It is the default.xpi

    I install from the link you provide as a direct reply to me in page 1 and has not "updated" my AMF since.

    The categories content loading is totally fine, just the animation itself seems not smooth.

    Edit: Sorry I think what I highlighted could be more of a personal expectation/preference rather then any real issue.

    After playing around with the switching, I realise that sluggish expanding could be intended. I am too used to the instant resize animation similar to tab width change. Really sorry about it.
  • Groups are hiding/showing on click correctly for me.
  • Thanks. Wanted to make sure before I proceed on to the Tags.
  • I'm lovin' these upgrades!
  • Is there a need for Tag names before I get started ?
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    it just doesn't work for me. All styles off, restarted twice. All styles show all the time.
    About tags - i don't use them and don't plan on using them. To me it's a waste.
  • Oh sharks!!! That's what happens when they stuff you with narcotics! It does work just fine, my sort was on Tags for whatever stupid reason, probably an accidental click.
    I should be able to style it a bit more but it's very close to the S143 tags display and i'm totally happy now. I will install it all into my main profile now ... i mean in the morning.
    Great, awesome, thank you very much!!!!

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    I think it's OK to not have tags also. "Tags" as a name looks better to me than "Groups" if you are only going to have one.
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    Too late. Added Tags:
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    Lol! I'm not re-tagging until tomorrow. But thanks!
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    Interestingly, i have no tags, just see no use in my case yet when i click Tags sorter, it shows one style, the very first style, and that's all, no other styles. Isn't it odd? I'd imagine if i have no tags, all styles should be visible and clicking Tags sorter should have no effect whatsoever, just be disabled.
    But when i clicked it again, the style did disappear and now shows none. Which is fine. I guess it was just an update glitch.
    Again, thanks a lot, Sonny, for sticking with it!
    Don't forget to update your first post with the latest link.
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    Will update the page link when I know as is well with this one. Still some minor functions I need to add. This last update is still in the rough.
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    Did away with dual tagging (too much confusion) , and named the sort button "Tag". Straightened out some minor css issues, as well.
    For the Tag (which is no longer a label, now a button) icon, use:
    .tag {list-style-image: url(???) !important;}
    I used min-width of 72px (my longest tag width) on .tag so everything stays in-line when sorting by Tag. Set the min-width to your longest tag to keep it all in-line. The dropmarker icon, in place of the spacer:
    richlistitem[dupe] .tag {list-style-image: url(???) !important;}
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    With the dropmarkers:
    And for different icons for each Tag group, use:
    richlistitem[dupe="Tag name"] .tag {list-style-image: url(???) !important;}
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  • Thanks! One thing i can't get. When i select one of the styles under as tag, i'd like that tag name to be the same color i have for selected .button-text but i can't get it 'cause there's no .tag selected, only .addon or richlistitem:

    richlistitem[type="userstyle"][selected="true"] .tag .button-text,
    richlistitem[type="userstyle"] .tag[selected="true"] .button text
    { color: #D0D66F !important; }

    'Browser' tag selected:

    'DOMi' style selected w/in that 'Browser tag, notice the tag lost it's selected color:

    I'd like the selected tag to keep its .button-text color when a style w/in the tag is selected. Possible?
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    Try this:
    I wrote a small click handler code for what you want. Use this to set the Tag text color when the group is opened: richlistitem[tag][tag-selected] .tag .button-text {color: ??? !important;}
    The Tag text color will remain as long as its group is opened and will convert back when the group is closed.
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    No, it doesn't work. As soon as i click a style w/in a tag, that tag color changes back to 'unselected' color while the group is still open. Restarted twice.
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    Probably have a style overriding it. Try something like #addons-page richlistitem.addon[tag][tag-selected] .tag .button-text {color: ??? !important;}

    * [tag-selected] .tag .button-text {color: ??? !important;}
  • Here:
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    OK, that worked however, all open tags are now the same color which suppose to be for selected only. That is, if i click a style w/in a tag, that tag has to have, let's say, red color. Not all open tags, just the one where a selected style is located.
    BTW, the style is still the same, here. And i noticed that clicking Page button doesn't always populate the style css box with the updated code. I often need to copy/paste the updated code from my local editor. Somebody sent me a PM about colors i've been changing and that's how i discovered that a whole bunch of my updates have never made it there! I now have to check the code on us.o every time i click Style Page button to make sure that the new code shows in the css box. Amazingly, a couple of times it did.
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    If you do selected only, you're right back where you started from.
    When a Tag group is opened, it is select and will remain selected until the Tag group is closed, no matter how many Tag groups are opened.
    I did fix the Style Page, to insert the edited code into the us.o edit css code area, whereas I as getting that before the fix, as I mentioned awhile back.
  • Edited every style I have, several times each, with your style and everything exports to the us.o edit page correctly, using the Style Page button right-click.
  • OK, thanks. I see now. I forgot i have to close a tag. So, there's no way to color only open AND selected (by clicking some style w/in that tag)? All right, i'll get used to it.
    About Style Page, i just had to copy/paste again right now.

    I have another question.... hehe ... but i forgot what it was .... I'll get back to you on that one image
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