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    Well, i uninstalled Fx, installed 35b4 and most probs seem to be fixed but i had to reinstall a couple of buttons and delete one. Odd.
  • @calico,
    Tags only show and sort when clicking on Group/Tag sorter buttons. Less clutter in the Addon Manager list.
  • Yes, I understand that. That is a nice improvement. I figured out my problem, I was inputting the tag field as Test-Alpha instead of Test - Alpha. Missing the spaces.
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    OK, will accommodate for that in next update.
  • I',m not sure what's going on with all those tags and groups. The field reads 'Tag' but i was under impression we're talking groups ... So what's what? 'cause right now, i have 2 sorting buttons: Tag and Group, both doing the same thing 'cause i have stuff in that field that says 'tag'. But whatever happened to groups? Is this all the same now? I'm very confused.
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    Tagging provides for two entries, Group name and a Tag name. Example: Browser - Sidebar, whereas the Group name is "Browser" and the Tag name is "Sidebar", separated with a hyphen. Tagging will not show in the Addon Manager list until the Group/Tag sorter button is clicked and then sorts the list for only those styles with tags. When clicking on Group sorter button, the list sorts on the Group name and clicking on the Tag sorter, sorts on the Tag name (which will shift to the first position like so "Sidebar - Browser"). If just using a Group name (without a Tag name) then Tag sorter button is of no use.
  • Right. I guess that's confusing. I don't have any tags and probably shouldn't be seeing the Tag sorter button or it should show as disabled if there are no tags. Or maybe it's just too much and not really important.
    Anyway, did you get any luck with the display?
  • @Makondo see if these testing pics make sense. Pic 1 is sorting by group. Note the yellow groups are in alphabetical order. Also note the white tags are in alphabetical order within their particular group.

    Pic 2 shows sorting by tag. The tags are alphabetical as are the groups within the tags.

    For me its nice if I have a group with a lot of styles to have a way to sort those styles further.

    Also, the tag button might make more sense if it was called Group-Tag.

    image image
  • Thanks, i do understand what tags are. It's just that i have no use for it and it confuses me 'cause i see nothing about groups but tags are everywhere! The 'Tag' field should be named Groups/Tags, IMO. Or as you say above, Group-Tag if that's the way to insert 'em.
  • The display is a clutter. Imagine 300 styles .... a mess! I really hope Sonny can do something like what i asked for above a few times. The breaks in this monotone list will help to distinguish where groups start/end.
  • 150 is bad enough for me, I just can't imagine you having to deal with 300. I hope you find a solution somehow!
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    Well, the best solution would be if s.c. groups could work as bookmarks or history do - folders! and we could drag/drop styles in those folders and they'll change their 'folder' name automatically. Just like tagging works in S143.
    But the next best solution, IMO, is to at least show only the first group name and hide all others in the same group (see my 2 descriptions on the previous page).
    Third best would be to be able to use alternate bg/font colors for groups.
    I mean some way to separate one group from another 'cause no matter what it is but a list of a hundred of the same thing is really crazy annoying to look at and sift through.

    BTW, we all know somebody who has double this if not more by now.
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    The Addon Manager can not be manipulated in the way bookmarks and history folders work. A separate dialog window would have to be created, importing of all your styles, create more prefs and write scripts for all the functions, all of which is dependent on Jason not making any changes to Stylish. Too much work to take a gamble on, considering the past history of changes made. My original purpose with Stylish Editor Mod was to utilize what was already existing in Stylish and not to create anything outside of it. Perhaps in the future, I will write a stand alone add-on editor, which will be independent of Stylish.
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    So you can't display the first group name and opacity:0 or margin-left: 12px all others w/in that group? If you can sort by group, it means there's a way to distinguish them and that means we should be able to style them. No?
  • Working on it.
  • Noob question here, but how do you add groups? :) Cheers in advance,

  • spiffingOldChap,
    There's a field called Tag where you put a group name:

    If you don't see it, click the Position button and place it where you want it, i think it's on bar 5 by default but not sure now since i moved mine.
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    Before I go any further, is this what you are looking for:
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    Yeah, much better. Is it customizable? Can i style it further if i'd need?
    For instance, place an image affront of the first group name (sort of like a bullet) and move group names more to the right?
  • Like this:
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  • Great!... as long as it's customizable image
  • For sure! Just doing some tweaking, will post in a bit.
  • To make it perfect, is it possible to hide groups to show only first name until clicked. When it's clicked, the group collapses to exposed the whole group as you have it now?
    That is, let's say i name groups with alphabetic letters, like A,B,C,D,... and that's all i see. Once i click A, the whole A group shows the way you have it now (with the image and margin as on your pic above). Possible?
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    Yes, got it. Testing for all scenarios. Once I post it, use these in your css:
    This is the gap from the left for items with no Group name showing: richlistitem[dupe] .tag-spacer {width: 20px !important;}
    This is the image for the Group name: richlistitem:not([dupe]) .group-image {list-style-image: url(file:///C:/Temp/1.png) !important; -moz-image-region: auto !important;}
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    Click on Group name to show/hide.
    FYI, do not add any Tag names, only Group names and ignore the Tag sort button. Use the css selectors I posted above. Still need to work out the coding for the Tag names.
  • Got it, thanks! For some reason the image doesn't show for the very first group:
    (it's the same w/out my style).
    I don't use Tags ... yet. So, no hurry with that one. But did you see my post above about collapsing groups? Possible?
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    Try a restart. I had same problem with first icon at first but everything fine after a restart. Groups do collapse when clicking on Group name and visible on re-click.
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    No, i now don't see my image at all and groups do not collpase. Unless we're talking about different things here. My idea was as i described in this post. All i should be seeing would be group names. When one is clicked, that group shows. That's not what i see now. I don't even understand what i'm seeing. Something does happen when clicking on a group but i can't figure what it is.

    Oh, and the second click on the group name would hide that group again.

    PS> The icon shows after 3 restarts, thanks!
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    Pic 1 Addon Manager page open. Pic 2 when the Group name "Browser" was clicked. Group name "Browser" clicked again, pic 1.
    Are you using this Test xpi:
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    384 x 439 - 97K
  • No that's not what i see here. Let me try the one from the link above. BB.
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