i fixed it!!

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So someone posted in another thread how to fix this problem by replacing two lines that identified the Firefox version.

Anyhow, here's the fix:


Go to 'User Styles' settings, then click 'write new style' title it, then paste the code from the paste2 link. I guess this should work for FF33 but will probable break in FF34 and beyond.


  • also make sure you disable the current version that doesn't work or you won't be able to see the fix
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    It made everything transparent for me, I used to use the gray color option.
  • All you need to do is dump the original into notepad and replace "29" with "33", "30" with "34", "31" with "35", and "32" with "36." Should be good up through ver. 36. When 37 comes around, rinse and repeat.

    Then stick it in a new profile called "Firefox 33-36: Choose Your Color"

    Should work just fine.
  • Remember to include the quote signs in "29", etc. Otherwise you might match something else.
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    thank you for help but I'm telling you it's broke.


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