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    Now that type attribute has been removed from Stylish icon, if it's moved to panel menu and click Stylish icon, panel menu is closed and Stylish popup appears like in screenshot 1.
    It looks normal (screenshot 2) if it has type=menu.
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  • I've uploaded 1.4.3b2 to fix that. Thanks!
  • What's "Honor 'Autocomplete CSS' setting from devtools in Stylish" ?

    It's only for the stylish editor ?

    I test to see if i can have "autocomplete CSS" when i edit with stylish custom , but no way....
    It should be fine.
  • It's only for the stylish editor ?
  • What would be the css code to get rid of the dropmarker when the stylish icon is placed in the PanelUI?
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    #PanelUI-mainView #stylish-toolbar-button {
    -moz-appearance: toolbarbutton !important;
  • Sonny..

    The only problem with your solution is that the hover color becomes blue whereas all the other icons hover color is gray. I would like the hover color to match the gray of the other icons. Possible?
  • #PanelUI-mainView #stylish-toolbar-button:hover {
    -moz-appearance: none !important;
    background: #EDEDED !important;
  • muchos gracias
  • 1.4.3 is now public on AMO.
  • So, if i'm using beta (b2), it won't update to the release? 'cause it doesn't find it; like other exts. beta versions, it stay with betas?
  • I'm not an expert at Firefox's update thing, but I thought that all extensions attempt to update from AMO regardless of where you installed it from, so you would be updated.
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    Well, like Fx versions, if you use a beta, you'll be updated to beta. That's what i meant. Some exts. work that way (GM, for one, TMP is another, etc.), thus my question. As i said, my AM didn't find an update, must be too early.
  • Still no update. I guess i'll have to manually install it from AMO. Just so you know.
  • "Autocomplete CSS" stoped working with Stylish editor in last Nightly build.
    Win7 x64, Nightly 32.0a1 BuildID: 20140522030204

    "Autocomplete CSS" enabled and working in devtools.
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