Please support Opera (the old version)

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Im having a hard time keeping my sanity. Sure this interweb thing is new to many. And a few even have got prettygood at it.
But i was browsing the web back in 95 when there were no java css pages. So my poor brain doesnt understand such witchcraft.
But back then it was great.
NO flashy images, no ads, and no moving pages or bouncing buttons.
Yes it was rather simple and fast and also boring but thats where new browsers came in. Actually a new one each week.
And most often from netscape.
But after many years they became all rather similar - and usless. Untill Opera came along and alowed you to have it how you like it. And it worked. But even that changed sadly and sold out to google and webkit :(
But the last best proper version 12. (labs) still works great. And has a lot of users. Except no one supports it- yet its better than all the others by far for its options.
And it doesnt have spyware or even encourage you to be gay.
Please developers have a consideration for the elderly and write your wonderful style sheets for Opera.
At least untill we rid the planet of nasty js, adverts (especially moving ones) and crap web developers.

Also whats with all these dark themes. They look shyte ;)
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