(solved !) Australis I don't want the resize window gripper

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I used to hide the window resize gripper :

#status-bar > .statusbar-resizerpanel {
display: none !important;

but one more time in Aurora Australis something changed and again the resize gripper is visible, any idea ?


  • I don't know if there is CSS code for it. AFAIK, you can only use JS with chrome privilege and run this code
    for (let i = 0; i < gBrowser.browsers.length; i++) {
    gBrowser.browsers[i].showWindowResizer = false;

    gShowPageResizers = false;
    You can use Custom Buttons or userChromeJS extensions to run the code automatically at Firefox startup.
  • thanks LouCypher
    anyway I would prefer to use a CSS code, not a new addon
    but first I will try with a new profile
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    I tried with a new profile in Aurora and Nightly but the resize grip was always there
    instead with the same profile the resize grip disappeared in the normal FF 28 (no Australis)

    well LouCypher in the end the JS code kindly provided did the job in Australis , you are my hero !
  • If you're still looking for CSS solution, try asking at MozillaZine theme dev forum
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    oh well I decided to keep the userChromeJS addon maybe in the near future I'll need again some JS codes just to customize Australis the most similar as possible to the my actual normal FF 28.
    Many thanks again !!
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