Love the idea!

About: YouTube - Nyan Cat progress bar video player theme Good rating
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Did you come up with the idea yourself or did you find it somewhere? :D
Anyways, really nice one!


  • Thanks a lot :) I thought up the idea by chance one day, then was shocked to realise that it was almost completely untouched territory. There's still a lot more that can be done with the video player, and I'd really like to experiment a bit with all of the possibilities at some point.

    If any of this can be of use in your YouTube Hitchhiker theme, feel free to use whatever you wish. I'm a big fan of your work!
  • Oh man thats nice of you :D thanks!
    I might implement the nyancat as a dopdown option just for shits and giggles haha
  • I never claimed that these ideas are new. Perhaps I should have been clearer: I came up with the idea of modifying the YouTube HTML5 player myself, only to realise that it was, to my surprise, "almost completely untouched territory."

    The Nyan Cat progress bar idea is obviously not new, as I based this style on an official YouTube easter egg from 2011 (, which even pre-dates your Nyan Cat style by almost a year.
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