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Hi, Can anymore make a very simple google home page, where the "GOOGLE" is removed, the "google search is removed, and the im feeling lucky button is removed. and custom background and possibly remove the google plus. Basically just the search bar.


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    Like this:
    @-moz-document regexp("*/") { #viewport > *:not(#searchform), .jsb, .gssb_g {display: none !important;} }

    There is something wrong in forum whit "code" tag or only quoting and emotes in it, it breaks the end of url...
    Should be:
  • You meant like this
    @-moz-document regexp("*/"); {
    #viewport > *:not(#searchform), .jsb, .gssb_g {display: none !important;}
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    @LouCyfer, I don't know why, but when I paste/write in code tag:

    @-moz-document regexp("*/") {
    #viewport > *:not(#searchform), .jsb, .gssb_g {display: none !important;}

    and post comment, it changing end of url to "& quot ;" entity and combine semicolon with bracket... it shouldn't do that.
  • Yeah, it's a known Vanilla bug.
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