I can't edit the styles

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I dont know what happened, but i cannot edit my styles anymore.
When i open a style, it's seems to be empty ( white background )
Any ideas ?


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    I remember I saw this on older version of Firefox (v17 ESR) with Stylish 1.4.1.
    Enabling/disabling styles worked. Only the editor that didn't.
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    I went back to Stylish 1.3.2 and now everything works fine, thank you.
    Offtopic : do i have a chance on this forum, to get some help about modifying the scrollbar ? It is from an older OSX theme.I want to replace it to the newest OSX theme for Mozilla Firefox
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    Once again:about:config → find → extensions.stylish.editor → 1 this line in prefs.js forces Stylish to use Ff built-in editor and is required for Stylish working in Ffx prior to v27.
  • I'm affraid that's too much for me :)
    Would you help me, please ?
    Let's take it this way : i want to download manually the latest OSX skin for Mozilla Firefox
    If i could do that, i can open it and replace the scrollbar from the older OSX to the newest OSX skin.
    Here is the link with the newest OSX skin:
    The scrollbar looks crap
    And below i attached the older OSX skin with the nice scrollbar. I couldn't attache the .jar file, so i extracted the .jar and i made an winrar archive.
    I have no idea how to replace the nice scrollbar from the older OSX skin, to the newest OSX version.

  • sorry this case is irreproducible #-o
  • what do you mean ?
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    the old deprecated style that can only work w/ ancient version of ffx..
    nuance: deprecaned in ff28… maybe something wrong with /* AGENT_SHEET /* AGENT AUTOR or other agent jungles? ref to Your code?
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    I thought i could only replace the scrollbar from the older one to the newest osx theme
  • can someone of you make a style for me?
  • Go to the sites page: http://userstyles.org/categories/site
    Check if the site you want a style for is listed there. If it is, click the link and browse available styles.
    Or go to the main page and search from there. Or go to the site you want a style for, click the Stylish toolbarbutton > Find Styles for this site...
    Or go to the Style request forum and start a new thread asking for help but put the url of the site you want s style for in the title of your thread.
    Don't forget to mention which browser you're using.
  • I still have to say that's very odd, if i update the stylish addon
    Now i have the version 1.3.2, but if i get the latest version i can't edit the styles.
    I mean, when i open a style, i can't see anything, just a white / blank page
  • @lefft what Firefox version are you using?
  • 27.0.1
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