• That's because .id is an label element. Try something like this:
    .id {-moz-appearance: checkmenuitem !important; max-width: 100px !important;}
  • Great, thanks! Now, how about eliminating that space on the right. What happens now is when i resize the window, the updated date disappears off to the right but the space between it and the 'More' link (a house icon on my shot on the other page) remains the same. I'd rather have the updated date stay fixed in place (at the right border) and the space to the left of it to shrink.
  • Space between More and Updated date shrinks here on resizing window.
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  • OK then. I can't figure what exactly in my style messes this up, i'll just leave it as is ... till it annoys me again ...
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    How about this, any thoughts?
    And, meant to ask you for a while now and keep forgetting. Would you consider making an ext. to get the flex space back for Australis? That was one of the most annoying and stupid changes they've made. I can't figure the reason but then again, 'reason'? Mozilla kindergarten? ...
    Doable? Could you, please?
  • Checking into.
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    There's a code floating around but it doesn't work, of course, 'cause there's no place to bind it to any more since they deleted the spring code ... i'm thinking:

    { -moz-binding: url("chrome://global/content/bindings/toolbar.xml#toolbardecoration");
    -moz-box-flex: 1000 !important; }

    OTOH, Aris ext. places it back, they say (i don't use it and don't know), so it has to be possible somehow.
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    Addon for Nightly (Puts flexspace, spacer and separator back into the Customize Toolbar Palette):
    Customize Palette Fix 1.0.3
    The Aris ext. needs to be modified, as it inserts multiple spacers for each (not needed).
  • AWESOME!! image

    Thank you very much! Judging by the ext. name, are you planning on adding some other stuff to it? I don't use CTR (by Aris) as it does way more than i'll ever need. I don't have too many complaints about Aus so far. Flex space - doesn't make any sense to me to hide it! - and bottom box - i don't want to use Status-4-evar either, too much stuff i never use anyway - would be great to have back.
    I actually like Customize in a tab - no need to close/open every time you try something like a button placement, just navigate away to another tab and that's it!
  • Nice add-on Sonny, Customize Palette Fix. Keep up the good work.
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    Added Bottombar Toolbar (reduced size of xpi):
    Ctrl + m as hotkey for toggling on/off.
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    WOW .... Awesome! Thanks a lot!!
    I got my link hover and findbar styles working there again, i am a happy puppy now! Let it rain australis, i don't care! image

    One thing, i can't get rid of that top border, this doesn't work:

    { border: none !important;
    box-shadow: none !important; }

    Can't figure what it is, nothing shows in DOMi. But it has to be coming from the bottom box ... it looks like an image, a separator or something?
    Ideas? TIA!

    EDIT: ... #global-notificationbox? why is it there? but adding it to my code above does nothing anyway.
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    Try this:
    #browser-bottombox, #browser-bottombox > toolbar { -moz-appearance: none !important; border: none !important; }
  • But of course! I did try that before ... it was all about -moz-appearance! ... who would've thought ... image

    Thank you very much!
  • Hi Sonny,

    I hope you don't mind me adding your 'cleaner' solution of restoring spaces, flex spaces and separators to 'Classic Theme Restorer'? These items will always be visible in customizing mode on toolbars and panel menu (in case someone moves them there accidentally).

    All this will only work on future Fx builds, if Mozilla does not remove spaces, flex spaces and separators from Australis code.


  • No problem.
  • I know you don't like posting on MoZine (don't blame you, i don't either) and you probably saw this thread.

    I was wondering about this too. As Aris said, will the ext. die if (when) Mozkids remove the code all together? I know it's there so far but you know how it goes ... image
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    Not a problem. We just write a binding/script to replace whatever gets removed and add it to this addon, which I just updated to 1.0.3 (added an locale file for non-English users).
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    Do you mind posting on MozillaZine for me that I updated:
    Customize Palette Fix 1.0.1 spacers only: (3.32K)
    Customize Palette Fix 1.0.2 deleted
    Customize Palette Fix 1.0.3 spacers and bottombar: (4.19K)
    Locales for en-US and es-ES.
  • OK.
    And thanks for the update!

    Do you have any problems with CBs in the nightlies? It seems almost every time i install a button, it doesn't show on the toolbar right away, although i can see some extra space where it should be. But they do show after a restart. Odd.
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    Yeah, same here. Sometimes a newly installed button or dragging from the palette doesn't even show and if it does, a restart is needed for it to function. Will give the devs at Mozilla a little more time to fix else I will start digging into it.
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    If you wish for a custom button to toggle the bottom-bar, add this to the code section of a new button:
    let BottomBar = document.getElementById("bottom-bar"); setToolbarVisibility(BottomBar, BottomBar.collapsed);
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    Thanks! I actually made a button, just for the fun of it, to check if it works. I don't plan on using it 'cause i have DOMi button there, and Rainbowpicker, and Findbar ... I really need the bottom bar 'cause some of the most used buttons sit there and that's the way i like it! But the button 'i made' uses this code from an old toggle nav bar button i have in Fx beta, just changed the bar name:

    /*Code*/ const toolbar = document.getElementById("bottom-bar"); toolbar.collapsed = !toolbar.collapsed;

    I see it's different from yours but works just as well.

    BTW, when i installed that button from my custombuttons.htm file, it set on the toolbar right away, no problem. Go figure!
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    It contains an option dialog (see above pic in my last post) to show/hide toolbar (spacers show in palette regardless of this setting), position toolbar in toolbox (with other toolbars) of bottom of browser,show/hide resizers in toolbar and show/hide toolbar close button. Added menuitem to View and Tools dropdown menus as well as the toolbar-content-menu popup. Working on adding an button to the Customize Toolbar Palette to toggle the Customize toolbar (will be version 105). Also working on scroll button for SCM.
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    I have this CB for CPalette, don't know if you need it but here it is:

    this.execute=function() { if(typeof CustomizeMailToolbar == "function") CustomizeMailToolbar("mail-toolbox"); else BrowserCustomizeToolbar(); } this.setAttribute("oncommand", "this.execute(event);");

  • Sonny,
    i installed your CP104 and it wiped out all the icons i had on my bottom bar. I had to reinstall 103, move them to the top toolbar, install 104 again and rearrange it all again. Just posting this for anybody who might be updating from 103 to 104.
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    nm, sorry
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    @the us.o filter script.
    Is there a way to not block posts that contain quotes with filtered people names? For instance here, it filters the big post by samapitongzabala because s/he quotes a blocked person. So, because i read one post (intrigued by the name, nice one), i had to 'unfilter' the thread to see what s/he was talking about and that's when i discovered that the post was filtered out just because of that quote. I probably missed other posts like that, not that it matters much but got me thinking if it's possible to keep such posts and just hide the quotes. I tried it with a css a while back, i remember, but apparently w/o success. Possible with the script?
  • Forget it! I think i've asked you about this already and you said 'No'. From what i see in DOMi, should be impossible.
  • Sometimes, makondo, it's OK to read what you have previously deemed to be unreadable. :)
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