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  • Sonny,
    i'm thinking ... is it possible to make it so that we can style stuff inside the editor code box? What i mean is color for certain things like #, {, }, !important, (, )? This could bring the editor pretty close to an external editor or Orion. For instance:
    # - blue
    { - green
    ) - purple
    and so on. But, if possible, make it customizable with a colorpicker (or with a style that we'll have to write).
    What do you think?
  • Will check into it.
  • Thanks!
    I'm going to summarize requests/problems for you so you don't get confused image

    1. Line numbers in the editor code box (the most popular request)
    2. Look into simplifying the Toggle options (from trespassersW post at the start of the thread)
    3. Reverse order/function of the findbar - seems to be reversed (see my post above)
    4. Possibility to color text within the code box

    I think i got it all. I'll edit my first post here to add the list so that you don't have to scroll looking for it if you'll ever need it.
  • For those serious code monkeys that play with multiple styles, maybe the new editor could have a tabbed interface, and "Edit" requests or spawning in new styles could invoke a new tab?

    If not that, maybe an option to edit in sidebar, and within the browser, have an element grabber not too dissimilar from InspectorWidget and similar extensions to select any ID or class, with the added functionality of hijacking the status bar to show the presently-hovered status, and using right-click as a function to see related elements ala the "Copy Selector" menu within DOM Inspector.

    The option to simply click on things on a webpage or in a Chrome page should make editing some content easier, and the new SC could be paired with TabRenamizer to rename tabs, or a means to rename the present tab based on what the style name is within the browser's sidebar could be integrated to add even more useful functionality.
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    Waiting with bated breath for your Thunderbird styles.

  • About always error and Red MAsk icon :
    I have tested your mod 1.3.3 with an other computer (with the last firefox) and hovering the icon error don't show them...
    Maybe i don't understand something?
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    I have no problem with errors, mouse over the mask and errors panel pops up. I'm on Fx25b now but it worked perfectly fine for me on Fx24 as well (that's the first version of Fx Sonny created the new errors popup back in august).

    I'd suggest you try with other styles disabled or a clean profile with Stylish and SCMod only.
    Here's a clean profile:
    572 x 147 - 8K
    105 x 69 - 3K
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    I don't understand the 'tabbed' editor. It's just as easy to click the Duplicate style button. Isn't it?
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    The idea of a tabbed editor would be for keeping multiple projects in one window, as one would keep multiple webpages in separate tabs in the same window.

    My suggestion was for people who use Sonny's SC wanting to tweak styles prior to installing them. Other than that, it was just a basic suggestion to have different projects in multiple tabs rather than multiple windows, avoiding taskbar clutter.
    Waiting with bated breath for your Thunderbird styles.
    My interest in that waned, since other people were picking up on coding for Thunderbird but good on Jason for making true his suggestion to allow people to install via URL. Could also help with multi-station deployment, and I am sure Stylish Sync could benefit with exploiting this function to reduce the size of sync data for styles that are installed untampered.

    Since you mentioned it, I'll try to do more stuff with Thunderbird. It was fun using DOM inspector and working with it.
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    thanks but it doesn't seem to work. I see the numbers but they're not really indicative of the code (lines). For instance, the scrollbar code you PM'ed. I made a style with nothing but that code and it showed 1 line. I mean line number ... 1.
    I then closed the style, reopened and it showed 17 lines. I counted - 16.
    I didn't have to move the mouse, the numbers were there when i opened the style.
    BTW, i changed it to this:

    @-moz-document url(chrome://stylish/content/edit.xul) { #stylishCustomToolbox #tb1 scrollbar { display: none !important; } #stylishCustomToolbox #tb1 { margin-top: 2px !important; width: 30px !important; font-size: 13px !important; } #stylishCustomToolbox #tb1 * { text-align: left !important; } }

    (Will find a style with a triple line number to see if it's too narrow).

    Now, if i add font-size: 13px !important; the numbers do line up ... kinda. But it still shows 17 lines even though there's still 16 of them (i deleted padding-right: 6px...)
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  • Oh, and of course it all gets messed up when you resize the editor.
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    Try: #stylishCustomToolbox #tb1 { font-size: inherit !important; }

    507 x 237 - 11K
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    Nope, it's the same as without any font setting. I don't see what's on your screenshot. The numbers don't line up with the code.This is in a clean profile:


    Also, when you change code, lines don't ... recalculate. You need to close the style, then open it again.
    I just don't think this is a good solution.
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  • I made the disclaimer of "I am still tinkering with it". Need user input because of different browser versions. Try downloading this Stylish theme: and see what happens.

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  • The same. You know, you shouldn't align the numbers in the center, they should b aligned to the left or right like in Notepad++

    88 x 322 - 3K
  • With your style, clean profile:
    363 x 359 - 10K
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    Actually I scratched the project. More trouble than it's worth and slows the editor down significantly. To do it right, an iframe needs to be created, and then all the functions in SC would need to be re-coded (same for Orion) . I put your version back to original state.
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    Uhmm ... this one still has line numbers. Is that what you mean by 'original state'?
    If it's that much trouble i really don't need it then. Will continue using external editor, no problem, thank you anyway. I'll install the one before numbers then, i have it here.
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    Have you had a chance to look into the findbar reversed buttons?
    This is a clean profile. Notice the buttons are in reverse Prev/Next instead of Next/Prev?


    I have to use this (the margins are for my style, of course) to fix it but really shouldn't have to 'cause it should be in reverse by default, just like the default (F3) bar is.

    /* using 'new' searchbar */
    #stylishCustomToolbox .findbar-find-previous.tabbable
    { margin-left: 24px !important;
    margin-right: -6px !important; }

    #stylishCustomToolbox .findbar-find-next.tabbable
    { margin-left: -48px !important;
    margin-right: 10px !important; }
    327 x 40 - 2K
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    Yeah, that is the way it is coded in the betas. Use this to reverse them:
    findbar .findbar-find-next {
    -moz-box-ordinal-group: 1 !important;
    findbar .findbar-find-previous {
    -moz-box-ordinal-group: 2 !important;

    656 x 32 - 7K
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    Really?!?! image Whatthe next?!?!... Oh no, Australis .... image
    Thank you!

    But this is the only bar that's in reverse, the browser find bar is OK ... so far (and still at the bottom ;-)) - Fx25b4.
  • Sorry , finaly , like you say all , the red mask icon for error... work perfectly
    Now i need understand what in my usual profile is wrong....

    Thanks for your help.
  • I'm guessing you have a style that hides it, maybe it makes the popup transparent or something. Or maybe it has to do with some margins.
    Try disabling all your application styles. You can either us Stylish menu option 'Turn all styles off' or SC Option 'Disable All', or if you use tags, sort your styles by tags and use Right click on a tag/Disable.
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  • Ha , that the time for request??


    - A way to toggle (disable/enable) a group of styles (Group maybye created with a specific TAG ?) in one click.

    - when we use the statubar, Let its menu open until we go out of it.
    Like that we can enable/disable more than one style in one operation.

    - The possibility to enable / disable Stylish with one click on the statubar icon (like greasemonkey)

    - A function to set the interface at is default state:
    It seems not working before.

    - A better way to customize the interface...
    Its not so easy to see the final result of our change (when it's in the toggle state by example)

    - To simplify the interface, Maybe substitute the Stylish icon by the Stylish custom icon( an other beaytiful icon for it?).

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    1. Right click on tag / Disable or Enable will disable or enable all styles in that group. Since the Left click opens a group, the Right click shows menu, the only 'free' click left is Middle.

    4. What do you mean by this?
    '- A function to set the interface at is default state:
    It seems not working before.'

    5. I'm not getting this one either. Doesn't preview buttons work for you? If your style is disabled before you start editing it, check Enable checkbox in the editor and then click Save. I don't think 2 clicks will tire you all that much (if they do, you might need to see a doctor image )

    6. You can change the SC and Stylish icons to any image you like. But i personally like to see both buttons, SC and Stylish. This way i don't confuse which menu each will open.
    Or maybe i misunderstood something?
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    from yesterday. As i said in PM, you can disable styles in a tag (group) and i don't think it matters where the manager opens, i have it in the sidebar (the pics are my styled stuff but it's easily recognizable, i'd think). Now, this is 2 issues really:

    1. when you Rclick a tag/Disable, the styles under that tag will appear disabled but the tag itself does not. I couldn't find an ID for the tag disabled state. I'd like to have that.

    For instance, all styles in this group are disabled (grey+italic) but the tag appears enabled (gold):

    # ========== # ========== #

    2. Let's say you have 3 styles under a tag. 2 enabled, 1 disabled. Rclick the tag/Disable will disable them, all 3. Now Rclick/Enable - it will enable all 3! even though one was disabled before you started clicking around this tag:

    Normal state: blue is enabled, grey+italic is disabled, the bright is enabled+selected:

    Rclick tag/Disable - disabled all styles under that tag:

    Rclick tag/Enable - enables all styles under that tag:

    As you see on the last pic, this is wrong but for some reason Jason refuses to fix it for years now! However, Cho' SC toolbar button does work correctly and even the menu correctly states: Restore all styles:

    What i'd like to have is the same function for the manager tags no matter where it opens. Disable: all styles. Enable: restore the original state.
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  • Sorry if i was not very clear:
    My english....

    1. Right click on tag / Disable or Enable will disable or enable all styles in that group. :
    Thanks !
    But that is sometime not very useful...
    Like you say, we not simply toggle the particular (enable/disable) state of each styles in this TAG /GROUP, but the state of ALL (all became enable or disable).
    I prefer to keep each state like they are before.

    4. What do you mean by this?"- A function to set the interface at is default state:
    It seems not working before." :

    After my tests about the Sonny ' SC Mod, i wanted to restore the default interface of it...
    But when i click on the "default" button, nothing change .
    I hope something which restore all at its initial state.
    Now , it's possible that was all these versions installed before, let some old preferences in Firefox.
    I solve that with a delete and reinstall (with restart and CCleaner action):
    - Stylish
    - Stylish Custom (official and MOD)
    Clean my extensions (particularly all of them about stylish) with the help of this addon:

    And after all this manipulation, all work fine.
    So , a "real" clean function, if it shall be possible, seem a good idea to me.

    5....Doesn't preview buttons work for you?... :
    Yes, but i speak about SC interface, not of the style edition...
    And for me, it is not easy to know how the interface react when i move some icons and placsholder in it .
    When we want customize it , We see only the full editor .
    And it seems difficult to know how it shall be in in its compact form.

    6. You can change the SC and Stylish icons to any image you like.:
    I do , i have a quick style for that (Stylish Custom Toolbar Button - Fine Icons).
    But why not an Special and more interesting Icon for this Sonny version .

    Personally like to see both buttons:
    For me i prefer something more simple and i don't see the advantage to have the both .
    The 2 SC icons are enough to me and i am certain have all the options i want in its true place i choose, without mistake.

    But certainly, i can live without all these request :
    All work now nearly perfectly, we needs just line number...

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    1. That's on the 'to do' list at the top of the thread and that's exactly what my request was about. Sonny and i communicated via PMs about this and i posted illustrating shots just above your post. Will have to wait and see if it can be done.

    4. I think you're talking about restoring default settings. If so, SC doesn't have such an option. It has Export or Import. So, if you have saved the settings before changing them, this would be default settings file which you can Import later.
    If i understand correctly, you're asking for a 'Restore default' button, correct? I will add it to the 'TO DO' list on the first page.

    5. I think you're talking about Customize toolbar for the editor. It works exactly the same as Fx main Customize toolbar does. If you have suggestions how to improve it, post it.

    6. Don't know. If Sonny ever decides to publish his ext., maybe he will use a special icon.

    Please notice (my first post in this thread): there will be no line numbers, this request is in the trash as it appears to be more work than Sonny is willing to do. Would be 'nice to have' but doesn't worth spending time on something that has an alternative: an external editor.
  • On the side note: Stylish and SC toolbar buttons have different menus and that's why i use both of them:

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