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As I'm used to with your work, Makondo: Nice and useful! You might want to integrate my tiny DuckDuckGo style, DuckDuckGo MultiCol. If my style is loaded after yours (see the additional screenshot there), it's close to perfect O:-) So basically, you'd just need to append my code to yours. Let me know if you integrated it, so I can update and drop mine from my FF :)


  • We 'crossposted', Izzy. I made a comment there. Once again, thanks for mentioning my style and thanks for taking the time to post here image
    I did play with 2 columns before but since i don't use the site i forgot all about it. I had it centered though. I think there was something about the gap, i couldn't make it smaller ... if i recall correctly.

    { -moz-column-gap: 0px !important; }

    And i had this to center it:

    #links_wrapper, #zero_click_wrapper, #zero_click
    { margin-left: 10% !important; }

    I won't be adding it to my style. If you want, add this code to your style. At the end, i decided i like the one wide column. And if somebody wants 2 ... i linked your style to mine. Let them have it!

    Good seeing you again, Izzy, Good Luck!
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    Fine with me – and thank you for linking back! As for modifying my copy of your code: I usually try to avoid that, as my changes would be lost with any update. But it's perfectly fine with me to load them both. Figured it even helps if the display gets distorted, so I simply can toggle my style off/on to fix :)

    Though, I'd wish to know a way to tell Stylish the order to apply (first load yours, then mine – not the other way round). Ideas/hints welcome :)

    One more hint, though: I'd recommend to make the background of the cells a little lighter, found it hard to read. I changed

    .results_links_deep.highlight_d2, .results_links.highlight_1, .results_links { background: rgba(130,130,130, .3) !important;


    .results_links_deep.highlight_d2, .results_links.highlight_1, .results_links { background: rgba(190,190,190, .3) !important;

    which seems to improve readability a lot. Of course, the corresponding :hover could use a slight adjustment then as well. I changed that to

    .results_links_deep.highlight_d2:hover, .results_links.highlight_1:hover, .results_links:hover { background: radial-gradient(at top, rgba(255,255,255, .3), rgba(190,190,190, .3)) no-repeat !important; }

    in my copy, which seems to do.

    And yes, was nice to renew our contact ­– my goodness, must have been years already! Good luck to you, too!
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    Fixed and updated. Hope it's better, thanks for letting me know.
    About the order. From what i understand, Stylish applies styles from bottom to top. This, as i understand, includes their order but i'm not sure if it goes by name or ID. Try renaming your style so that it goes below mine (in alphabetical order) and see what happens.
  • Izzy,
    check your PM,
    posted another style, see if you like the colors better there. If not, i can pick some other duck, you know image
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