Browser.css of Firefox 3.0 RC1 would be better, I guess.

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Before talking on Fx3 - Oldstyle Go Button.

Does anyone know where I can find Firefox 3.0 RC1 (at Mozilla, only). I just can find it, I forgot where is the list of all Firefox versions :(
I can find Phoenix (via Mozilla Firefox Release Notes) but not FF3.0 RC1

Eventually , I found it at Firefox 3.0 RC1 - (only for Windows)

Anyway, I'm still would like to know where I can find Firefox 3.0 RC1 from an official resource (Mozilla, very likely)
Thanks! (I need FF3 RC1 for GNU/Linux & Mac, also)

I just need the browser.css file from FF3 RC1, to get from there something :P


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    I think, I found it:
    ...\Firefox Setup 3.0 RC 1.exe\nonlocalized\chrome\browser.jar\content\browser\browser.css

    /* ::::: location bar ::::: */ #urlbar { -moz-binding: url(chrome://browser/content/urlbarBindings.xml#urlbar); } #PopupAutoComplete { -moz-binding: url("chrome://browser/content/urlbarBindings.xml#browser-autocomplete-result-popup"); } #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult { -moz-binding: url("chrome://browser/content/urlbarBindings.xml#urlbar-rich-result-popup"); } #urlbar-throbber:not([busy="true"]), #urlbar-throbber[busy="true"] + #page-proxy-favicon { display: none; }
    It's seem like I'm in the wrong place :\
    I'm trying to get the code that is responsible to the Star & the Go buttons at the location bar

    Is this possible that the browser.css is getting rewritten when installing (or when activating) Firefox?
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    Oops, wrong location!
    ...\Firefox Setup 3.0 RC 1.exe\nonlocalized\chrome\classic.jar\skin\classic\aero\browser\browser.css

    I uploaded the code (2140 lines) of the browser.css file to Ubuntu Pastebin (great service!)

    If I'm remember correctly, the 'Go button' was attached near to the 'Location bar' (just like FF2) & the 'Star button' was between the 'Go button' & the 'Location bar'

    I need to extract the code that does that. (I''ll do it when I'll get the time for it)

    So Sid, are you going to do that dirty job?

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    Rats! lol, it was the Beta1 version (not RC1) I'll download Firefox3.0 Beta1 l8r...
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    Yes, it was Beta1. Mozilla changed the 'Location bar' style in Beta2. I remember when I wrote about it at Chipmark
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    ...\Firefox Setup 3.0 Beta 1.exe\nonlocalized\chrome\classic.jar\skin\classic\browser\browser.css (1925 lines)
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    So, about the "official" source, click here.
    It's the portable edition.

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