Style size limit upped

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Code posted on can now be 100,000 bytes long, up from 65,536. I trust you to use the additional 34,464 bytes wisely. As previously, I may increase the limit on a case-by-case basis, but will only do so for styles that do not contain embedded data URI images.


  • Geeze! Is it Xmas already?! Thanks, Jason!image
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  • Thank you!
  • Thank you!
  • goooood new !!
    thx.. :)
  • A request :
    Can you add counters for all limited size forms, when we edit our userstyles's codes (before we send it) ?

    It's always rather extensive, and tedious to send , read "too long ..." and return to edit
  • aaw maan :)
    thank you very very much!
  • I want to change my fb themes.who can help me...plz :(
    thanks you....
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    Now you have the Greasyfork in your hand , where there are no limits size for the code, can you do the same for our userstyles?.

    It's always a pain to play with it.
    Whithout that my styles shall be updated more often.

  • I am surprised I never hit that limit myself with some of my bigger styles. This was around the time userstyles had the older 65535 bytes to work with.
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