• Thanks, Jason! Installed ... I'll provide some feedback in the coming days ... much appreciated! image
  • Testing ..
    Thanks. :)
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    Great... WARNING! this version breaks S-C! So far i found that Save Enabled and Save Disabled buttons don't work - the style can't be closed. Clicking either button saves the style but doesn't close the editor, have to close it manually.
  • That may be because the signature of the init method for StylishStyle has changed to add the automatic updates parameter.
  • Thanks 4 the info makondo .
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    No worries. (Well, maybe one.)
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  • Filed bug 781395. But this is not related to Stylish 1.3b1!
  • Please switch to the the fixed version of the sv-SE locale on babelzilla! (It's actuallt been there for a while - remember this? So I've been waiting for the next Stylish version for a long time - at last!)
  • Will update that in the final release.

    Any feedback from people trying this on mobile?
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    Anybody interested in SC mod and fixes, please head over to ChoGGi's forum, this thread .
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    Cool ... thanks! image

    @Jason, I've been informed there is no Fx for the iPhone. Wish I could help out with the mobile stuff ... sorry ... image
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    Hi Jason and forum.

    Please, How to change the order set of Styles, fixed for the Stylish icon dropdown menu?
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  • There's no built in way to do that.

    You have all forced me to go buy a Samsung Galaxy SIII to test Stylish on. It works just as I would expect :)
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    ... :-S Oh, pitifully.

    On the other hand. The keyboard shortcut "ALT n" for next search, it doesn't work.

    Please, that "Enter key" doesn't close the Edit window, when the cursor focuses on text boxes.
    If possible, for next update that Stylish allows saving the last search.
    OS: winxp sp2.
  • EpaminondasTuta,
    can you check what you have in about:config for this: gfx.direct2d.disabled? I remember i had to set it to false a while back when Orion was buggy and i couldn't use it. Setting it to false fixed many problems. Of course, Orion was improved since then but still worth a check.
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    Please sticky this until you post another version. I just spend a few minutes i'll never get back looking for this thread. Thanks.

    A bug? - Rclick a tag/Change tags > type a new name consisting of 2 words.
    2. expected - the tag changes as it used to in previous version.
    3. What actually happens here - only one word of the 2 i've typed will show. But if you open a style from that group, you'll see the new name in full.

    Didn't test in a clean profile yet. Didn't test with all styles disabled. I'm in the middle of doing something else and can't restart right now. Fx16b2.

    ^ is this because it doesn't accept multiworded tags except for its own 'No tags'?

    EDIT: here's more. A tag - .info, renamed into .my info. Shows - .my but if i open a style from that group, it shows - info .my
  • OK, i think it has to do with spaces. So, the tag should be one word. However, after testing with .my info and seeing how it changed all styles in that group to 'info .my', i had to change tag in every style of that group manually!
    Looks like a bug to me.
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    see if this thread helps your issues:
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