• i will, hopefully on sunday (gonna be pretty busy till june)
  • No hurry, you know. June is fine. July is fine too.
  • WHY WONT IT WORK. GAAAHD I'M SO FRUSTRATED. How do I install Stylish? It doesn't have an install button on the thing? Can someone please help me pleaseee :(( :((
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    This thread is about Stylish-Custom, a Firefox extension. You need to install Stylish extension first, before you can use this extension which you do not need anyway since you have no idea what you're doing, it appears.
    If you need help with Stylish, go to the main page - - click Help link and READ.
    If you need help with installing a style, go to and post there. But before you do, take a deep breath and then calmly explain what your problem is. Things like 'It doesn't have an install button on the thing?' don't help.

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    Hi forum.

    Please. How can we sort the userstyles?, different how they are arranged in the dropdown menu of Stylish icon.

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    For me the search is not working in the editor. Anyone else has this problem?
    Whithout Stylish-Custom there are no problems.
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  • There is something seriously wrong in the stylish-custom addon. As of 12, no longer can type exclamation points (!) and due to that the Automatic(!) does not work. You can no longer save by pressing ctrl+s; you have to mouse-click the save option in a drop-down dialog which is annoying. Furthermore, it no longer updates the code properly when using 3rd party editors via the 'notepad' toolbutton. Also (this one seems to be everyone's complaint) SEARCH does not work either, which is REALLY ANNOYING when you are working with 1000+ lines of css. Finally, the !Important button works, sometimes, and when it does, it inserts the text in the wrong place (up to 30 lines off course for me) Lastly, the Insert button (which inserts a variety of things, the whole reason for using stylish-custom as far as i am concerned) does not work--the insert dialogs show up ok, but when you execute it there is nothing...

    Author: are you going to update S-C for newer versions of firefox, my guess would be that the functions reading the keyboard/writing to the output stream (textbox) no longer work properly. On the plus side, comment, merge, and commentgroup still work (do they use the textbox in a different way...? I really dont want to delve into this myself since i dont have the time-ive my own projects going on and behind schedule 3 months ago :) Just taking time to hopefully get an answer (and if you arent the author and know them, please forward this to them)

    thanks (btw its been 3 months since my last inquiry)
  • No, there's nothing wrong with S-C. I use it w/out any troubles, Fx 12, Fx13b,...
    Most likely, you need to use the s.c. 'old' editor and the latest build - there's a link to it in the post by Grom just above your post. Install and then go to the Options and set "Use Orion..." to false.
    As ChoGGi said above, he'll be busy 'til june'.
    If the above steps don't solve your problems, see if there errors in console and post them here.
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    Why S-C edit window is closed when I push "Enter"? :-L Example, in the search box.
    S-C 0.7.9d version.
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    No problems here, Fx13b, using S-C 'old' editor (not Orion which doesn't work with SC).
  • ChoGGi,
    before June ends Hehe ... have you had a chance to see why i get double folder (see the pic above, post #8, may 8th).
  • Some days ago Nightly got a new "Responsive Mode" which uses the same keybord shortcut as S-C (Ctrl+Shift+M). How can I hack S-C's code to change the shortcut?
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    Hi forum.
    Please, How to return the old "Search GUI", on S-C?
    I don't like the new.
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    Options/General/ Which search to use? ....

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    Thank you. However, I didn't notice the change.
    The editing window continues being Closed, by pressing "Enter". #-o
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    I think you're confused a bit here. There's an old/new editor and an old/new search. You need to use 'old' EDITOR for SC to work 'cause it doesn't work with the new one called Orion.
    The search bar old or new have nothing to do with it.
    You should try Stylish and SC in a clean profile. My editor works fine, no problems and since nobody else posted about this it's most likely a conflict with some ext. you have.

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    Indeed, makondo.
    Also, remember to be careful while editing a CSS Style and using the Fx Inspector: don't hit "ESC" while you're focused on the editor (and not the Fx window while attempting to close the Fx Inspector) else you'll lose all of your edits (don't ask me how I know - 5 times ... at least ... ) :\">
  • Well, I think I can live with that:)
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    Hi users.
    Is me or the dog? Is Stylish a step backwards??
    I tried even with a clean Firefox profile, however the new and old Search, these both look the same.
    Incredible, Stylish doesn't save search text, although it is checked to True.
    Furthermore, it is outrageous that the Edit window is closed by pressing Enter, focused on the Search box. And this is terrible, when Enter closes the window, the undesirable changes are saved. #-o
    Enter should be an essential key, as it was before.

    Possible Bug: the hotkey (Alt+n) for Next word doesn't work. At least in the Spanish version.

    It seems that all the above, is independent of SC installed.
  • There's nothing wrong with SC. I'm using it and have no problems with Enter. As i said above, you probably use the Orion EDITOR but you need to choose the 'old' EDITOR. Notice, not searchbar but EDITOR, see my screenshot above.
    If that doesn't help, then you have a problem with some other ext. or the whole profile. Install Stylish and SC in a clean profile and test.

    Post a screenshot of your editor.
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    Hi makondo.

    Is your window saving the last search?
    Since a couple of months ago, my Stylish doesn't save the last search, even in clean profile.
    And the other things I mentioned previously. This happens with or without Stylish-Custom installed.
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    Stylish doesn't have this options so i don't know how any of your problems can be happening without SC.
    Yes, my search is saved. I have no problems with SC (except for the one i mentioned above with files, unrelated to yours). Search works fine (i use 'New' searchbar). Enter works fine too.
    Alt+n doesn't work for me either but i never use hotkeys and have no idea if it suppose to work or not.

    Do you see any errors in console?

    Try a clean new profile with Stylish only. Then install SC.
  • I tried to install atistic google with my laptop but it is not feasible, please help
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    Click the Install button.


    this thread is about another extension - Stylish-Custom - and not about styles or any other problems.
    Please, go to the forum and post there: your OS, Fx and Stylish versions, steps to recreate your problem.

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    Please, show me a Edit window of a userstyle.
    Stylish 1.2.6 | SC 0.7.9d
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    Here it is but i don't see how this is helpful to you:


    You really need to test a clean new profile with Stylish only, then add SC. If you still have the problem then there's something wrong with your Fx installation or else you have something else going on system wise.
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    Well, my current edit window looks Simpler than several months ago. That seems strange, as a "throwback".
    However, this window Doesn't display errors (bugs) like wrong format, missing texts, or incomplete buttons.
    Just fewer features than before, or lacking in some enabled features.

    Please, someone shows me an Edit window over a known GUI, like typical Windows xp, Windows 7.

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    It sounds like you don't have the SC installed. SC adds toolbars and a bunch of buttons. Here's editor without any styles (Stylish and SC, vista):

    If you see SC in the addons manager, uninstall it/restart/reinstall it from here/restart.
    After you've done so, set your options fresh, don't import them. You can then customize the editor like you'd do any other toolbar - Rclick on a toolbar in the editor and drag out buttons you want to see, place them on any toolbar you want in the editor. Don't forget, to see your buttons you need to show toolbars: Rclick on any toolbar in the editor and check all the toolbars you want to show.
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    Look, this happens (edited):
    Testing SC 0.7.8f , 0.7.9a , 0.7.9b , 0.7.9c, and clicking on "ToggleBars" button, then edit window displays Full features:

    While in SC 0.7.9d, the Edit window GUI looks like if SC was not installed. Mmh... Bug. (Also, no rows numbering).
    OS: Windows xp, Firefox 13.0.1 (clean profile and restarting each install/uninstall SC), Stylish 1.2.6.
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