h2 with pointer cursor at btmon.com

edited May 2008 in userstyles.org
I don't know why - but h2 at btmon.com has the cursor changed to a pointer.


From Firebug

<h2 align="center"> <div class="long_word">elephant_parts.VHSRiP.XviD</div> </h2>
.long_word { cursor:pointer; margin:0px; overflow:hidden; padding:0px; width:97%; }
My code doesn't change the cursor.../* get rid of awful orange text - replace with black */ /* for some strange screwy reason - the cursor is changed - reset it to normal */ span.pages, span.curPage, h2, h1, legend { cursor:default !important; color:#000000 !important; } And I don't know why.


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