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Add Background to FB Profile

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I seem to be able to add the background style to my computer but not on the actual profile. If i am no ton my computer the background change on FB is not coming up. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?


  • give me a backround of my fb......... plz......
  • @poems22 - Styles created with Stylish or with css created outside of the actual website do not work that way. CSS is a presentation style sheet language meaning it changes the way a page looks. Websites, like FB, design their pages to look a certain way for everyone. When you apply a style to a site that has already been created, it changes the way the site looks to you, but only at the computer the style was applied.

    So in your case, you applied the style for FB on your computer, so on your computer it recognizes that you want the site to look your way. On another computer, it won't recognize you, so the site will be displayed the way it was designed to be seen by everyone.

    If you want to see that style for FB everywhere you logged in, you would have to reapply the style to every computer you traveled to. There are different methods to make those styles more available to install when you go to a different computer, but that is a lengthy topic that you would need to research further if interested.
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