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They look really good man B-). Works perfect for all my FF4 windows. Been waiting for a nice set of scrollbars to roll out. :-D


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    Indeed, very nice design. Just the border-radius didn't like so curved, almost cyclic, changed to "0" and all perfect.
  • @LordStriker: I'll add an option.
  • These are really nice!

    How would I or would it be possible to only show the scrollbar button and not the background? Hard to describe, like only the dragable button visible and overlaying the page when theres a need for a scrollbar... so yeah this as it is but without the scrollbar background?

    An alternate would possibly be make it shown on mouseover?
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    I tried mouseover in one of my styles but found it quite annoying. For instance, textboxes where we tend to 'mouse around'. Add opacity: 0 and :hover { opacity: 1 and you'll see what i mean. Well, it's just my opinion, of course.
  • @Ebenezer: You mean the thumb overlays the page? I've tried it in Webkit and it didn't work. I'll have a go in Mozilla.
  • Yes exactly like just the thumb overlaying the page tyvm for giving it a shot
  • @Ebenezer: I'm trying, but I can't find a solution yet. I have a plan, and I'll try tomorrow.
  • No, I think you need to use JavaScript to overlay scrollbars, which is disallowed in user styles. Also, I'm not that good at making user scripts, especially ones which add elements (which includes this and practically all useful user scripts).
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