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When I try to use the Beachview Google style, it doesn't look the way it should. I would post a screenshot on here if there was an option to do that. But since I can't, I'll just ask why I get a few areas around the search bar that are white? The rest of it is fine, but there are 2 triangular white areas at top left and bottom right of search, and I know it shouldn't look like that. Also, the pic on the style page shows the Firefox eating IE logo. How do I put that onto this page if there is a way to fix the original problem I'm having?



  • try adding this to the style
    #frame div[style^="background:"]{background-image:none!important} img[src="/images/firefox/light.png"]{display:none!important}you'll have to get the image first then we'll see about adding it

    btw take a screenshot upload it to imageshack or whereever then post a link to it
  • Choggi--
    When you say "try adding this to the style" exactly is that done?? Also, I did upload the pic to imageshack, but am having a problem with my account, that they needed me to set up(I know, it sounds simple...)SO, I will post that link when I get it fixed.

  • well heres a basic style
    @namespace url(; @-moz-document domain("") { some style fhdsfjsdfhdskjfds }adding to it
    @namespace url(; @-moz-document domain("") { some style fhdsfjsdfhdskjfds #frame div[style^="background:"]{background-image:none!important} img[src="/images/firefox/light.png"]{display:none!important} }of course it does depend on the style but thats usually it

    btw i've had that logo problem before. google seems to expect that nobody changes the colours
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