I praise your theme!

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You have done a great job making this theme. The smaller square tabs and the toolbar buttons look good with the Firefox 4 theme. My only criticism is toolbar button hover states when tabs are on the bottom. The buttons in my opinion do not look right when they are transparent.
But otherwise, a nice theme. :)


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    Well... I find it cool that part you don't like. I like it a lot. Buttons becoming transparent and you see only the icon and borders on hover state... Even while I never use "Tabs on Bottom."

    The buttons also are very nice when you have a light theme ( personas ) installed.

    Overall, we agree. The lightest and best style! I recommend it everywhere.
  • Agreed, although this needs to be adjusted a bit according to newest mockup for Firefox 5.
  • TssTss
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    Henky, why don't you do it yourself instead of going into every Firefox **4** style complaining that it doesn't look like Fx5?
  • What complaining?
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