Very beautiful!

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Bro, it's really very nice!

I'd like it just one pixel smaller... Is it possible or will break the style?

Because the Add-on bar is extremely slim/elegant!

Also, could you give the same on hover-style like other buttons?

Something last... Seems you use the same gradient as the "Seven Style" script of Soapyhamhocks... Default bars haven't gradient... But anyway! It's nice.


  • I've updated the style with some more options which you may like a little more, also if you wish to change the size of the bars please use the inbuilt options in download statusbar they will work fine.

    Not sure what you mean about the hover style can you elaborate?

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    I meant... When I have the mouse pointer over a button, "Clear all finished" for instance, nothing happens.

    Check a screenshot of my Urlbar Buttons, especially the first one:

    If you like, check the style I use:

    Maybe will give you ideas...

    PS. Please remove the useless brackets on first lines ( 3:2 ) causes error. If I remove them, won't be able to check for updates.
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