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I am currently using this style for this site, but just noticed a problem. When I get to the page with the option to enter the Stylilsh forum, the style is partially disabled on the forum page. It's the regular light style, with dark borders on left and top side(??) It's enabled, obviously, since it's working on the other pages of the site. I had to actually use IE7 to post this question, since it's really hard to see on Firefox. PLEASE someone tell me why this would happen? I have tried disabling and enabling the style a few times, but there has to be another way. It wasn't doing this until just this morning, and I didn't make any changes or anything. It may just fix itself in the next few hours, but I will keep this issue updated if that happens.




  • To help you with your code - you need to show people your code.

    Without a code sample - how can people help you?
  • What code?? I didn't design this style. I'm just asking about an issue I'm having with it. How would I know anything about a code?
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    What ekbworldwide meant is that we have no idea what style you're using, so we don't know how to help. If it was a style hosted on this site, please give us the url so we can figure out how to help. Or if its a custom style not from here, then copy & paste the style for us to examine.
  • The name of the style is in the TITLE of my question----after hours I assumed people would see that, but I guess I could have posted it within my question. I'm still having the same problem with it, so I hope someone can help.
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    Ah, I didn't notice for some reason lol

    Open the style, look at the bottom of the code. You see:
    } /**Part of the After Hours Series**/ /***Enjoy***/ /*KR*/

    Change it to
    FORM{ background: grey!important;} #CommentBoxController{ background: grey!important;} } /**Part of the After Hours Series**/ /***Enjoy***/ /*KR*/
  • I don't understand what that means. I don't want to mess anything up. Could you explain why you are suggesting that I do this? How would this change anything? It's not like I'm doubting you, if you're experienced in this sort of thing. It just sounds complicated, since I'm NOT experienced in that;)

    Any further info would be helpful before I go and do this...thanks.

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    To explain things, the after hours style doesn't change everything on the forum as you noticed and that causes it to be hard to use/read the forum. I'm simply giving you extra code to fix what he left out. If you're afraid of messing anything up, then you can do the following to test my code. Open Stylish, choose "write code" then "blank style". Give it a description where it asks. Then copy & paste the following code into the big text box
    @-moz-document url-prefix(, url-prefix( { .CommentBody{ color: #007CE8!important;} #Panel{ background: #000000!important;} .Category{ background: #000000!important;} #Header > UL{ background: #000000!important;} .TabOn{ background: #000000!important;} #Header{ background: #000000!important;} .TabOn > a{ background: #000000!important;} #AboutVanilla{ background: #000000!important;} H1 { color: #007CE8!important;} FORM{ background: grey!important; color: #007CE8!important;} #CommentBoxController{ background: grey!important; color: #007CE8!important;} .Radio{ color: white!important;} .Unread > *, .NewReplies >*, .NewComments >* { background: grey!important; color: #007CE8!important;} #Discussions > LI:not(.Unread):not(.NewReplies):not(.NewComments) > UL { background: #000000!important;} }

    Click save.
    Click around the forum to see if it works. If it doesn't work, then disable it.
  • Ok, wait, Im not sure you understand. This style WAS WORKING normally at first. It was dark, and it was easy to see. So now its partially light, like as if I didnt change it at all. What happened to make it change??
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    That style hasn't been updated for 2years. Its possible that this forum have been changed since then and parts of that style nolonger work. The user that created the style hasn't created or updated anything for 2 years, so I'm doubting this will be updated anytime soon. I installed the original style since you pointed out the problems and I see the same issues, so the problem is not on your end but rather an issue for anyone using it. Try my style as I instructed above. It doesn't replace the original, it just supplements it so the forum is usuable.
  • t-burnout--
    I solved the problem for now. Meaning, I changed to a different style through the site. The new style changed the regular pages of the site but not the forum, as usual. BUT it's the original style and I can read it:) It isn't super light and black around the edges. It just looks the same as before. But why won't the styles I select change the WHOLE site? Nevermind, I won't even ask:)

    Thanks for your help--
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    And I fixed it too :(
    In the future, would you rather me post the styles on the site instead of explaining everything or telling you how to fix stuff through the forum?
  • Ok, now you lost me again---Why would you need to post any styles when I could go to the site and check them for myself? That is where I found the one I'm using now. I didn't do what you suggested, since it was easier to just change the style. And when you say "you fixed it too", does that mean your forum page is also the same as it originally was, or did the style you're using change the forum page?

  • Alright, disregard what I said about the forum page not changing to the style I selected. I DID find one that worked, all I had to do was keep searching:)
  • For the most part, anytime you request help with, or fix, or modification to a style, we'll just tell you how to edit it to what you need. When I said the post style, I meant I could put them on the main portion of this site where you search & install them. That way, instead of me telling you what to edit, I could just make the style, link you to it, then you click the load into stylish button and save or preview it. Remember, most of the people that help on this forum are the same people that make the styles you use ;)
  • Thanks for explaining that. I now have two different styles, one that changes just the forum, and one for the styles site:) But I love to search and try different styles, it lets me be creative.

    Thanks for taking the time to help;)
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