There is a bug!

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Please, bro! Whenever you can, could you adjust the NoScript-like buttons?

Those buttons with 2 functions, when I place 'em on Nav Bar, they don't get the similar design... Try one and you'll see what I mean...

NOT the simple buttons... NOT the ABP-like buttons with just a dropmarker... Only those which have seperated the dropmarker from the basic function...


  • Try it now, it should be fixed!
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    Thank you but it's smaller in comparison to the other buttons...

    Also, check what happens when I press "customize":

    Isn't bug? Is it normal behavior? Just enlighten me...

    The last one, happens only if I have a NoScript-like button placed on Nav-Bar.

    So, the problem with those buttons is more complicated... I appreaciate your efforts and I'm pretty sure, you'll fix it!

  • It happens to me too but also without the theme applied. I think the button is buggy
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    By the way, it doesn't happen anymore...

    All buttons are ditto designed! *happy*

    Bro, can you tell me how I can make the search box icon to have a seperator like identity box and stop/reaload buttons?
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