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Finally, they've officially removed the empty space above the tabbar, so this theme's padding is not needed anymore.

I did like this theme's colors better, though, so I'd still like it to work.


  • Couldn't agree more, kindly update it for Firefox beta 10 pre. The default firefox interface is dull and pointless. I can't live without this style. :D
  • Is beta 10 officially out yet? The website still shows beta 9.
  • I'd assume 'beta 10 pre' means nightlies, which are on b10 now.
  • That was a mistake on my part. I got the numbers confused, I meant beta 9, which is indeed out.

    I'll remove tabs in titlebar from my style.
  • Thanks for fixing the style. I feel like making suggestions like I always do, but seriously... there ain't any. The theme is perfect. :)
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    Soapy, in today's build they removed the 3D Style of buttons in Personal-Bar too and now they look like crap with a white contour/outline.

    Same happened on Add-on bar before and when the bar comes up that white contour comes also up.

    Now the buttons working normal only if I placed 'em in Address-Bar.

    Maybe is better to not work hard on your projects. Many changes about Final-Theme landing now.

    Edit: lol! I tried your Theme and all working fine! I hope they will fix the Addon-Bar's height being analogous to Icon's sizes! Very Nice! Now having as Theme-Addon installed I need very few adjustments!
  • Glad to hear the theme is working better. It's much easier to work with the theme than to override using stylish. I hope I can get most people to switch over.
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    The personal's bottom border, became opaque/solid in today's build... But, not in your theme.

    Also, the sub-menus of Firefox double-pane menu, aren't getting the same color like the default theme...

    Is there a place to discuss about your Add-on Theme?
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