Good Job

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Bro! I just like to say that you are doing extremely good job!

It's workin' also very well with 4 b8 pre. Before the last update you did, I had problem with the newly implemented Add-Bar. I couldn't see the icons. But now it's workin' just fine!

There is a small problem... I can't see very well the address which I'm when I hover another link... It's getting blured or dissapearing kinda ( I note again, the normal link, NOT the "hovered" one... You know something about?

Your squared design of address & search boxes are just perfect!

I will follow every update that I hope/wish you will continue to support this script!

Thank you!


  • Thanks Dude; I appreciate your appreciation! but eh, I'm still using beta 6 and so I cant do anything practical about the link problem yet; try removing
    "#urlbar, #search-container .searchbar-textbox," from the very start, but leave "#appmenu-button" there. Tell me if it works then; cheers.
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    Didn't work but nevermind... Beta 7 it's coming and I'm pretty sure you ll make the adjustments.

    I'll wait!

    I have a question... What's the difference between Glass with Frame and without? I can't see it... Too Stupid? LoL
  • Well, ok I'll wait for Beta then.
    The subtle difference is the outline of the browser area; not much, bit hard to pick up... maybe it's not visible on your beta version; I can see it in b6, but not in b5...
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