I can't remove styles

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I can't remove styles. The button doesn't work. How do I delete a style? Are there any alternative easier than editing the file stylish.rdf?


  • In about:config, set javascript.options.showInConsole to true. Try deleting the style, and tell me if anything pops up in the Error Console.
  • I did set javascript.options.showInConsole to true and tried to remove a style. It did not work, and neither was any pop up. But, when I open the styles manager, the following error is displayed on the console:

    Erro: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIStringBundle.GetStringFromName]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: XStringBundle :: getString :: line 17" data: no]
    Arquivo-fonte: XStringBundle
    Linha: 17

    My Firefox is in portuguese from Brazil. Some translations:
    Erro = error
    Arquivo-fonte = source file
    Linha = line
  • What if you create a new style and don't give it a name? Do you get a prompt, or does nothing happen?
  • Nothing happens. When I click on the Save button, nothing happens and none message is displayed. The button Cancel also ceases to function. Only closing the window is that you remove it, but without saving the new style unnamed, of course.
  • OK, then it points to the file stylish.properties. Looking at the file on my end, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. Can you go into your profile folder and look at extensions/{46...}/chrome/locale/pt-BR/stylish.properties ? It should say

    addStyle=Adicionar estilo basicIntro=Você está prestes a instalar '%S'. Este estilo causará alterações em: blankCode=Digite o código para este estilo. blankDescription=Insira a descrição para este estilo. cssErrorDialogTitle=Erros cssErrorText=Este estilo tem problemas que podem impedir seu funcionamento:\n\n%S\n\nVocê deseja usar esse código mesmo assim? cssErrorAccept=Usar o código como está cssErrorCancel=Continuar editando o código dataURIDialogTitle=Escolher arquivo para inserir deleteStyle=Tem certeza de que deseja excluir '%S'? deleteStyles=Tem certeza de que deseja excluir estes %S estilos? deleteStyleTitle=Excluir estilo? deleteStylesTitle=Excluir estilos? deleteStyleOK=Excluir discardChangesTitle=Descartar alterações? discardChangesDiscard=Descartar discardChangesMessage=Tem certeza de que deseja descartar suas mudanças? discardChangesReturn=Continuar editando findStyleApp=Procurar %S estilos globalDisplay=Tudo htmlDisplay=Páginas da web no=Não noGlobalStyles=(Nenhum) writeBlank=Estilo em branco... writeBlankAccesskey=B writeForDomain=Para %S... writeForSite=Para esta URL... writeForSiteAccesskey=U xulDisplay=Interface gráfica do programa yes=Sim extensions.{46551EC9-40F0-4e47-8E18-8E5CF550CFB8}.description=Personalize a aparência de websites e da interface de usuário.
  • I located the file and your content it is the same of your post.
    I use Firefox + Windows Vista with Comodo Firewall Pro + Defense+. It may be some incompatibility?
    And the error message, nsIStringBundle.GetStringFromName, It gives the impression that Stylish can not get the name of the style to be deleted. It may be that?

    ( sorry for the English )
  • No, the problem is that it can't those strings for some reason. It's trying to get one to use the delete confirmation prompt.
  • Yeah! It worked perfectly! Great!

    Only to register, it displayed only a message in the error console, but I don't know if it is the Stylish:
    No chrome package registered for chrome://itsalltext/content/API.js .

    Thank you for listening!
  • That message is normal.
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