facebook account hacked (suspected login attempt) hours after installing this

About: Aero Ultimate Skin for Facebook v3.1 Beta4
edited June 2010 in Style Reviews
hi after installing this i got warned by facebook that my account was accessed and i wounder if it's just a missunderstanding as i use this style and facebook might have thought the style was a hack or something im just confuzed i had a ip adress from the attempted login but never saved ot and since i can't find a activity log for my account i don't think i can retrieve it i contacted facebook about this hoping to retrieve that ip adress

does this have anything to do with the style as it's been working fine with the same password since i registerd

other then that i love the style


  • i've had this style installed for two years and never had a problem, so i think that is not related with the skin!
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