make bookmark pull down blue

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whats the code to colorize the bookmarks background menu color,the white background that the bookmarks
show on..??


  • You'll probably want to change more than just the background color, but try this for now:

    @namespace url(; #bookmarks-menu menupopup { background-color: #b0caff !important; }
  • tried it.. didnt work, tried changing color code didnt work... is it my theme overriding..??? should I try
    color by blue etc
  • works for me, did you try opening a new window?
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    yea it works now.. it was the theme.. I changed it..thanks
    by the way.... what is the javascript to get a load a bookmark and execute..??? something like
    load uri" 8gfkvgk"; or something like that. its used for the code to make a quick button..??? I would like to load it by the bookmark name ,not the url....
  • I forgot to mention that you'll probably need to restart Firefox for it to work. No clue on the javascript question, but wouldn't it be easier to just use the bookmark toolbar? You can drag your urls there, or make a folder and put bookmarks in it. When you use a folder and you middle click it, all the bookmarks in that folder will load into seperate tabs. Is that what you mean by a "quick button"?...basically loading a bunch of site with one click?
  • i figured it out... it does load by url no matter what but whatever...heres the generic code for a button

    var url = '';
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