reviews bug?

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While making this new theme for, I noticed the very first review of a style is always blank. It looks like this:

<h3>Reviews</h3> <div id="reviews"> <div class="review-container"> <div id="review-new"> </div> </div> ...

There's no text or anything in there, so when the review-container class is styled with a background color and padding, it looks like a big thick line across the page. I believe the default style has no background color, so it just blends in with the page and you don't see it.

One thing that's different about this though, is that it has div with the id "review-new" as opposed to all the other comments that have an id of "review-[####]" (where # is some internal id number or something), so that makes me think you were intending to do something else with it, and maybe it's just a feature that's not implemented.

Can this be fixed, or should I just add a #review-new { display: none !important; } ? Hmm, I almost thought I could use div:empty to select it, but there's a text node in there...carriage return I believe....oh well.


  • #review-new is what gets populated when you click "Post a review".

    I could get rid of the whitespace, if that's helpful to what you're doing.
  • Ah, that's what that is. Yeah, I suppose if you remove the whitespace, I'll be able to use the div:empty to remove it. Thanks.
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