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How about a simple way to import and export stylish settings. That is importing and exporting of the stylish.rdf file so you do not have to do it manually when switching between computers.




  • You can also put the file in a common place and change the pref extensions.stylish.fileURL to point to it.
  • ftp://localuser:localpassword@LANIP/stylish.rdf

    This works. I chose FTP in off chance hope of remotely saving, but I know (a few reasons) why that doesnt happen.
  • This didn't work for me. I can read the file but not write to it.

    I tried something similar a while ago, keeping my bookmarks.html on the ftp server, but someone explained to me that Fx does not have the native ability to write to ftp so I abandoned the idea.

    It would be pretty handy, though, since I'm trying to synchronize the file between 3 computers and my only option now is to copy and paste it.

    How are you able to write to ftp? Is there an extension that will add this ability? I looked around but couldn't find one.
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    Yeah, that's what I meant. It is read-only. Stylish is using Firefox to grab the file, but Firefox doesn't have FTP upload, and Stylish isn't coded for it, either.
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    Updated the tutorial to show how this is done.
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