"YouTube.com - dark gray redesign (vC)", How to get these 2 back?

edited December 2007 in Style Reviews
The Banner at the right side and the "Videos being watching right now..."
Can anyone tell me how to get these 2 features back?
I want to keep Youtube as original as possible, but I also love Valacar's dark gray Youtube idea.
Thank you :D


  • Here's an addon script to add them back, but just so you know, they're both Flash objects and their white background can't be modified using Stylish....that's the main reason I removed them.

    @namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml); @-moz-document domain("youtube.com") { body #hpMainContent #active_sharing_div, body [id^="myAd_"] { display: block !important; } }
  • Thank you so much Valacar, I'll try to live with them :P
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