Need Google stock standard setting, messed mine up somehow

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I need Google's stock standard setting,
messed mine up somehow, trying a different style switcher program, now all my google searches look weird,
luckily it hasn't messed any other pages or url's.

I tried searching but I didn't see an normal setting.

Not to mention any of these new styles I add from here do not look right either.

Please look, this is now my normal look with nothing added by Stylish.

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and here is a search done from google

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  • It seem to me that you've disabled CSS, so it's only the unstyled pure HTML that you're seeing. If you're using the web developer extension, pressing ctrl-shift-S will toggle CSS on and off, so maybe you accidently pressed that. You can also check the View > Page Style and make sure it's not set to "No Style".
  • Yes it was a program to do that, I "had" both of these installed:

    I have since uninstalled both programs, but I can't get my google back to the way it's supposed to be, which lead me to this site.

    the View > Page Style and make sure it's not set to "No Style" - is set to this.

    I don't know if there is a place in the chrome or other firefox settings that could control this setting?

    I don't know where firefox stores its settings to tell it how to display a page.
    I'm thinking possibly google uses something else, I've tries searching all kinds of things looking to find the source
    google search
    navigation bar
    and probably a few others I've forgotten
  • And it''s probably a pain in the butt, this is my source page for google, if someone wanted to compare it to theirs and give suggestions.

    Googlebody,td,a,p,.h{font-family:arial,sans-serif}.h{font-size:20px}.h{color:#3366cc}.q{color:#00c}.ts td{padding:0}.ts{border-collapse:collapse}#gbar{float:left;font-weight:bold;height:22px;padding-left:2px}#gbh{border-top:1px solid #c9d7f1;font-size:0;height:0;position:absolute;right:0;top:24px;width:200%}#gbi{background:#fff;border:1px solid;border-color:#c9d7f1 #36c #36c #a2bae7;font-size:13px;top:24px;z-index:1000}#guser{padding-bottom:7px !important}#gbar,#guser{font-size:13px;padding-top:1px !important}@media all{.gb1,.gb3{height:22px;margin-right:.73em;vertical-align:top}}#gbi,.gb2{display:none;position:absolute;width:8em}.gb2{z-index:1001}#gbar a,#gbar a:active,#gbar a:visited{color:#00c;font-weight:normal}.gb2 a,.gb3 a{text-decoration:none}.gb2 a{display:block;padding:.2em .5em}#gbar .gb2 a:hover{background:#36c;color:#fff}{kEI:"XRJfR5PLNIjyeLm6jSw",kEXPI:"17259,17735",kHL:"en"};function sf(){document.f.q.focus()}
    window.clk=function(b,c,d,e,f,g){if(document.images){var a=encodeURIComponent||escape;(new Image).src="/url?sa=T"+(c?"&oi="+a(c):"")+(d?"&cad="+a(d):"")+"&ct="+a(e)+"&cd="+a(f)+(b?"&url="+a(b.replace(/#.*/,"")).replace(/\+/g,"%2B"):"")+"&ei=XRJfR5PLNIjyeLm6jSw"+g}return true};window.gbar={};(function(){;var g=window.gbar,a,l,d;function m(b,f,e){b.display=b.display=="block"?"none":"block";b.left=f+"px";"px"}{var f=0,e,c,h,i=0,j=window.navExtra;!l&&(l=document.getElementById("gbar"));!d&&(d=l.getElementsByTagName("span"));(b||window.event).cancelBubble=true;if(!a){a=document.createElement(Array.every||window.createPopup?"iframe":"div");a.frameBorder="0";"gbi";a.scrolling="no";a.src="#";document.body.appendChild(a);if(j&&d[8])for(var n in j){var k=document.createElement("span");k.appendChild(j[n]);k.className="gb2";d[0].parentNode.insertBefore(k,d[8])}document.onclick=g.close}for(;d[i];i++){c=d[i];h=c.className;if(h=="gb3"){e=c.offsetLeft;while(c=c.offsetParent)e+=c.offsetLeft;m(,e,24)}else if(h=="gb2"){m(,e+1,25+f);f+=20}}"px"};g.close=function(b){a&&"block"&&};})();Web Images
  • and the other half

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  • How do I de-code the "page source" or the "html code" to know what I can change in a .css

    I dont know what the "Web Images Maps News Products Gmail more " section is called to try and edit.

    Thanks for everyones help on this
  • Posted By: hhp_211How do I de-code the "page source" or the "html code" to know what I can change in a .css

    I dont know what the "Web Images Maps News Products Gmail more " section is called to try and edit.

    Thanks for everyones help on this
    I prefer to use Firebug, but lately it's been locking up on me, so I sometimes use DOM Inspector.
  • Firebug is really super cool!!! I' can see myself writing some userstyles in the near future.

    I had to re-install firefox to get the DOM Inspector installed, I also tired to install, 'InspectorWidget' -, but it didnt seem to work as described, 'Firebug' was much cooler.
    I may also try to look at 'Inspect Context' -

    But--------while I was trying to get InspectorWidget working I noticed I had 'Content Preferences' installed -

    When I viewed it on my gimpy Google page "it" showed the page style as "no style" ..............

    PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even though my "View | Page Style |" had basic page style checked....WEIRD. The 'Content Preferences' was overriding Firefox I guess, I guess this would be a bug that need fixing.

    Main thing
    PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you can't tell I'm very Happy to have my google search page return to normal.

    Thank you Valacar for all your help.

  • One more question

    Why would the css look the same in firebug for the google site for "basic page style" or "no style" ?

    shouldn't their be differences?
    I was trying to compare them and they were identical.
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