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Not sure if EE have updated their layout, but the script isn't working for me in XP-FF3.5. The following helps; just adds the blurredAnswer and relatedSolutionsContainer classes:


@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain(""), domain("") {
.ms .bl, .ms .bc { visibility: visible !important; display: block !important; }
/* hide ads */
#pageMain > .sectionFour, .adSense, .relatedSolutionsContainer { display: none !important; }
/* hide "free trial" blabla */
.bcQuestion > .answers, .startFreeTrial, #pageRight, .blurredAnswer { display: none !important; }


  • Ooops - sorry, just saw your posting now (I'm currently quite busy moving to a new flat). What a coincidence - I just added the .blurredAnswer a few minutes before reading your comment Cool Works fine for me now with FF3.5 on XP, so it should for you then. Will add the relatedSolutionsContainer also in a few minutes, thank you for the hint!
  • And since it is updated, it would make sense if ceej23 would update his/hers rating for the benefit of others wink
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