Help styling DOMi window, please

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I'm trying to style the DOMi window, making it glass. But that's not very important, what i'd like some help with is to have a separate bg for the bottom panel. Anybody knows if it's possible? Any bg i apply to the top left panel, goes to the bottom one. I'd like to know if it's possible to have separate bg for the top left panel and bottom panel. TIA!


  • Can you post the code you're using now?
  • Uhmm, the link above? I published the style.
    The problem is that i had to make the whole window glass. So, it's transparent - that is no matter what bg i use for the bottom panel, the font of the page being inspected will be ... transparent (along with some other elements on the page, depending on its style). I thought if i 'cover' that part with a solid bg or color, it will do the trick, but so far it seems i'm wrong.
    So, at some point i thought i might be able to glass parts instead of the whole window at once. But that doesn't seem to be working (because going this route, i can't glass the upper part [toolbar, etc.]!). DOMi is a pain to style, i'll tell you.
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