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About: Google Reader Absolutely Compact
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I have a modified version of 'google reader absolutely compact'. I'd like to post it on this site. Unfortunately, the site accepts only CSS. Is there a way to convert javascript to css ?

this is my first time.


  • You might want to look into posting it on There is already one there (, so you may want to see if yours is that much different.

    If you wind up posting it, add the link here.
  • Script updated to,
    - Hide 'Like' feature
    - Hide 'Author' info for open feeds.
  • find the var css line then remove var css = " and ";
    then add the rest here
    @namespace url(; @-moz-document url-prefix(""), url-prefix(""), url-prefix(""), url-prefix(""){ /*css goes here*/ }
  • It worked ->
    Thanks ChoGGi !
  • you need to remove some things from that css line:
    var css = "
    and from the end:

    that stuff is for javascript so it'll probably make the style not work
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