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About: Google Search - Columns & compact UI (clean)
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Hey! Well google must have changed something in their results page and this style isint working anymore :(

Please update... Thanks


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    Try mine meanwhile, it still works:
  • sorry...How do you get those hidden options?
  • Which ones?
  • I mean, those options which are displayed on top/left. They have "Hide Options" as menu, just below SearchBar and next to "Web" word.
    I can't get those options.
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    If you disable the style, they are displayed right away at the same position, including the "more..." link for additional elements. So nothing miraculous Tongue But that was another style of mine (Google Autohide Dots II). Most of that code has been adopted (the name already suggests, and the description points it out - I don't want to steal credits). Or what is it you're talking about? If I'm still wrong, maybe you attach a screenshot (e.g. via
  • Izzy, slow down and check your link for (Google Autohide Dots II). Is it really where it should point to?
  • Sure - why you ask? Hell, I just put "/styles/17712" as URL - without any protocol and server, so it @$%... would still point to the wrong server. Thanx, fixed! But nevertheless, the forum did not handle the link correctly. Need to remember that...
  • Yeah, it never worked for me in the forum, only when posting a style. All together now: 'Jaasooon!'
    Sorry, i'll get my feet out of this thread before BattleProgrammerTidus kicks me out ;-)
  • Sorry but, exatly, what is the problem with "Google Search - Columns & compact UI"?

    I've been fixing the problems caused by code changes made by Google, the last 3 months. Yet something is not functioning well? If so, exactly what does not work well?

    THANKS FOR YOUR FEEDBACK, really, but it would be better to let the bugs me through my email: battleprogrammertidus at gmail dot com

    because I'm not always looking for new comments on

    Greentings from Spain.
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