Tumblr styles not displaying correctly

Hello, I just found out my Tumblr userstyles aren't displaying correctly, even though they're all turned on. I've tried disabling and reenabling them and that hasn't worked. Please can you help me?


  • Same here. It's been fucked for a couple weeks now but it's only on the dashboard. Go to the settings pages, or make a post, and they work on those, but as soon as you go back to the dashboard they're all overtaken by tumblr's coding.
  • yeah, same for me
  • it's because tumblr is rolling out the beta of it's new dashboard. If you install xkt, it will give you an option on tumblr's settings under dashboard to use the old look. Once you have switched, you can even uninstall xkit and still have the old dashboard including working styles. But as the beta will become standard without an option to turn back soon, it is now up to style creators to update their styles or create new ones to work with the new dashboard
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