Why can't we search, sort, & filter based on the TYPE?

When I want to find a style for Facebook, and I want to search on a keyword, or sort, I don not want to see the styles from EVERYTHING. Why is that so much to ask for?

It simply cannot be that hard to implement. I have specific things I'm looking for, considering the one that was my favorite has been removed :(

I do not want to waste time clicking through HUNDREDS of pages because of a failure of design. PLEASE implement these features.

Meaning. If I select FACEBOOK as a category, and I put in a search criteria, it searches ONLY Facebook style, nothing else.

I LOVE the add-on, but the implementation of the style page leaves a LOT to be desired :(

Thank you!


  • dunno how that got double posted - blasted page gave an error when I hit post, so I ddi it again :(
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