Why do people leave false negative feedback?

A handful of my styles have false negative feedback for no reason. Why do people do this? Are they 6 or just that dumb? Clearly the moderation team has abandoned this place too, because these false reviews are still up ages after they were reported.

Example 1: "bad" on my image background style for Roblox. There is no way this style can be "bad" due to the fact that the user is made to select an image. It literally cannot be "bad" unless the image you choose is bad. No other words, just "bad".

Example 2: "oof, doesn't work" on my spinning icon for Roblox. Ok, if it doesn't work then contact me and tell me it is broken before leaving negative feedback so I can fix it. Give me literally any information other than just "hur it dun work better say it sux"

Example 3: "I don't like it" ok then why in gods name would you install it if you don't like it? Just uninstall it, no reason to give a bad review because you installed something you didn't like. At least this person didn't give outright negative feedback and actually left a proper sentence/explanation why they didn't like it, unlike the other two dumbos who can't process further than 3 words.

Please, if you're going to leave negative feedback at least provide a short sentence why you're doing so, and before you hit submit, think if it's actually useful information or you just complaining that you don't like it. If you don't like it, don't install it. Simple as that.


  • You're totally right, really ;))

  • Unfortunately this is the ROBLOX realm, the one where it's hardly surprising such basic responses are left without second thought or explanation lol


    If you ever had a closer look at the review system, you'll find all of these examples are within specification, even if they are quite nonconstructive.

    No rating - Just a question or comment
    Good - Works well, is fully functional or good looking
    OK - Works, but could use improvement
    Bad - Doesn't work or is ugly

    It can be frustrating when someone leaves a bad review for an issue completely irrelevant to the style itself, or not enough information as you say, but other than that I'm open to criticism.

    As long as the reviews aren't fraudulently created by one person as a means to give the style a bad look (e.g. spam reviews, hatred towards you or leaving negative feedback on every style on the site), if the style in question is decent, the negative opinion oriented reviews wouldn't really matter much for the reputation.

    Additionally, a lot of people do have common sense when reading through reviews; they'll see the nonsense like you do currently. There are also people "taking one for the team", where regardless of the reviews, or perhaps out of curiosity, will install & commend your work accordingly while others avoid it for the time being.

    That aside, I can say I feel your pain lol
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