About: Simple Dark Theme for Flight Rising Good rating
Love this style, one of my top favorite ones for FR since it's otherwise so bright and white and hurts my eyes.

There is only one thing that mildly irks me about it, but if it never got fixed that'd be ok; I can always just turn off the dark mode as needed. However, it doesn't really work with this style:
It makes the letters large and borderline illegible. Just thought I'd letcha know!

Thanks again for such a great style; have a good one :D


  • edited February 2020 [?]
    I'm happy to know it's useful ^^ I originally made this just for myself, but thought others would appreciate a reprieve from the harsh bright backgrounds, too.

    And I don't use that one, but just checked. If you want to use both styles,

    (edited, since I realized I could integrate the colors in mine. Refer to the next comment I made for info)

    Hope this helps! ~
  • Actually, since it doesn't conflict with anything, I just integrated the tags to make the colors show up if you have that style installed ^^ So you shouldn't have to do anything at all except make sure mine is up to date. Should look like this once you update it:
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