Google Menu Bar on more services --(vC) valacar style

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can someone help me get this
all blue like this

im using style Google Personalized Home - dark blue redesign (vC) and

i really like vC styles and would like to keep using them thanks


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    Here's a fix for the white google menu bar at the top...

    [id^="gbar"], #guser { background: transparent !important; border: none !important; } #gbar .gbard { background: #08274f !important; border: none !important; } #gbar .gbard a:hover { background: #385690 !important; }

    Add that to the "Common rules" section of the code...or just after the body{} rule near the top.

    BTW, few people know, but "vC" is the abbreviation of my alias "Valacar" (goes back to my ANSI art scene days). It's kinda like a signature, and also helps when searching for my styles. Someone once asked if it stood for "version C", but no, I don't keep version numbers or letters =)
  • That did it!
    Thanks Valacar
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