Non-https URL used on Facebook. Causes Firefox warning.

About: Deleted Theme
This is for Facebook Midnight Blue - DestructiveBurn.

It has been happening forever, but I'm just reporting it now.

Firefox marks FaceBook as being insecure as some of the page entities (images) are served using http.

I've edited the Facebook_Midnight_Blue_(-DestructiveBurn-).user.js script to change all http: urls to be https: ones, but I still have the problem as:

keeps being used.

So, the standard script should be using https, and whatever is serving up the blank.png (I can;t fidn it...) needs ot use https: as well.


  • Thanks for the report. There were more than just 1 http:// All links have been changed to https:// I forgot this theme was using the old links before I got SSL on my server.

    Just let me know if it's all good now. I've also updated some other issues as well.
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