Supposedly has coin miner

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body background has an url attachment with something encoded in base64. Antivirus detected and carantined a js file which mined coins. Edit before using.


  • False accusation. There is no coin miner in this style. The base64 code is an image.

  • @VELFR change antivirus man XD
    @calico thanks for your quick response

    I used this to override original body class background. Same method as it was. Nothing crazy, nothing special ;)
    Yesterday in 1.2.9 version I compressed it more - from 333B to 110B :)
  • Everyone here has it all wrong. That base64 string is obviously a homing beacon for the alien mothership. The author is collaborating with hostile extraterrestrial forces and is a traitor to the human race!
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    Makes perfect sense. imageimage

  • @anagrammar ahahah!!! Made my day bro! :))
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