Another BUG - - The title of the Tab is totally different than the page open....

Userstyles is very crappy:
By example, when i open this page:
Flickr WideScreen - Dark & Grey v.76
The title of the tab is :
"Google Logo Replacer |" !

We need another place for our Userstyles!


  • No for me.
  • That's not always this title....
    But anyway we need an other place.

  • No for me.


  • That's not always this title....

    Also report this via mail and try move styles into:

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    That's not always this title....

    Also report this via mail and try move styles into:

    That's a waste time...
    At, nobody take care (and that's just a lttle thing).
    At openusercss , the project seems in a standby state.
    See in its OpenUserCSS Forum a good new:
    DecentM il y a environ 16 jours
    " haven’t halted the site, but I have significantly less free time to maintain the site right now than I had before.
    The project’s due for some major refactoring to fix a few bugs and to support the new variable types. I’m willing to accept code contributions, and whenever my schedule lets me, I’m going to finish the parts I’ve long been planning to do.

    That said, it looks like it will take some time for me to free up a few days, but it definitely seems feasible."

  • Another problem about this bug:
    When i want bookmark an Usertyles, it use this wrong Tab title...
    for :
    Mozilla Addon Widescreen NEW design
    The bookmark use as title:
    "Website Themes & Skins by Stylish |"
    Not user friendly at all!

  • Nobody who cares can do anything, and nobody who can do anything cares.
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    Try using a style title without numbers.

    Both of these styles have the tab title "Always show Bookmarks Toolbar":

    Aaaand... Always show Bookmarks Toolbar is style #3 on the site. As anagrammar said, no one on the forum can fix US.o bugs, we just have to figure out ways to work around them. Send the owner a message, and let us know if he responds.

  • yes...
    Just for complain in the dark.
    But thanks, i saw that my pinterest userstyles was broken!
    I delete it!

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