Error Posting discussions

I cannot add Discussions:
I keep getting this error when I want to post.
{ "Code": 256, "Exception": "Unknown column 'LastCategoryID' in 'field list'", "Class": "Gdn_ErrorException" }'

I have tried, Vivaldi, Chromium, Now lastly Firefox.


  • It seems the discussion was posted after all.
    I have been trying to add a discussion to "Style Requests", but it does not work.Cannot see that it is posted after.
  • The site is bugged, the devs are unresponsive for a long time now.
  • Got same error. Accidentally posted comment 3 times and can't find a way to remove duplicates.
  • edited May 2019 [?]

    I would love some feedback on a announcement message I added to the New Discussions page several weeks ago, an effort to try and stop or at least curb the duplicate postings. I made it to stand out as much as I possibly could, but it hasn't had any affect on users continuing to make duplicate posts. Are users not seeing this? If it is visible could it be worded in a better way? I thought adding a message would help, but it obviously hasn't. Thoughts from anyone would be appreciated.


    Edit: I use this script in case anyone wonders why the added buttons are there.

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